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Gears of War for Xbox One will innovate, assures Microsoft - Black Tusk has "awesome" concepts

Gears of War for Xbox One won't be the same old warren of chest-high walls, shredding animations and fist bumps - according to Ken Lobb, creative director for Microsoft Studios, new developer Black Tusk aims to take the IP to some interesting places. (Gears of War, Xbox One)

ScareFactor  +   264d ago
"Innovate" is a word I don't like to hear, because it usually means drastic change. I am up for change I just hope it isn't too big of a change like that garbage Judgement was
christocolus  +   264d ago
I hope so too cos i loved all the gears but somehow i couldnt bring myself to finish judgement. I think the guys at epic didnt really know what to do with the ip anymore..so handing it to MS may be the best thing to have happened for the ip. BT can bring in fresh ideas and innovate.
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cfc78  +   264d ago
Judgement was the only 1 i didn't play how bad was it?
christocolus  +   264d ago
It was quite boring. The game was broken into short uneventful missions.it was a lot more linear and repetitive imo and the story wasnt all that good.


I totally agree. All those things you mentioned will definitly make a great new gears game.
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creatchee  +   263d ago
Judgment campaign was missing the emotional punch of the previous games. The multiplayer was a complete departure from past games. The always-on crosshairs took the hardcore level way down and the DBNO mechanic being missing from most modes made it feel less like a Gears game and more like something else.

However, the Reaper Easter Egg on Library is one of the greatest things ever. Not enough to redeem the whole game, but utterly cool as its own entity.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   264d ago
Really? You don't want innovation because of what might go wrong? What about what might go right? I welcome innovation, despite the risks. The last thing i want are more CoD situations, where games hardly change and end up becoming stale. I might whine and stamp my feet at first, but i'd get used to it, innovation is necessary for some franchises. Games like Halo, Gears, Uncharted, Killzone and CoD could all benefit from some innovation, imo.
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incredibleMULK  +   263d ago
Nah, uncharted 3 and gears judgement sucked. Once they get the winning formula they should just stick with it. Call of duty 4 molded all future call of duty's and they sold millions of copies. Tweaks are good but not total changes. Uc3 pales compared to uc2 and judgement was just plain doo doo.....probably because a new studio did it.

I want them to continue gears story. Its simple really the events in part 3 were a dream. Bam! Never happened! Do over. Now the locust can be part of gears 2 story arc ie lab experiment gone wrong.
Dmagic  +   263d ago
i cant believe you would even mention uncharted 3 and judgment in the same sentence.
DARK WITNESS  +   263d ago
I don't care much for the word innovative when it comes to games.

I can't count the number of games that have claimed to innovate and done next to nothing.

There are some games that have tried too hard to innovate and ended up sucking hard instead.

Don't get me wrong, I hope they can do something new and different with gears but I am not holding my breath.

I have got to the point in my gaming life when seeing is believing and talk is cheap.

It's going to "innovate" great, wonderful... Now lets see it!
qu1ckset  +   263d ago
Story was never a big seller for me in this series was ok but nothing godly , but Gears1 MP was AMAZING, and if it wasn't for host shot and people glitching under maps to get draws, it would of been perfect, other then halo2 there is no game I put more hours into.

Never played Gears2 but I did play Gears3 and mp IMO lost it's touch of what made Gears1 so good. Never played judgement after my disappointed with 3's MP.

Personally I think gears isn't the system seller Halo is anymore and they should just give it a long break and use there talent to come up with a new IP , but that's just my 2cents
lifeisgamesok  +   264d ago
As long as it still has amazing visuals, kills still feel satisfying, a good story, there's new enemies and weapons with new melee moves it'll be awesome

And I don't have even the slightest doubt that it'll succeed
Lukas_Japonicus  +   264d ago
" kills still feel satisfying,"

This. Blowing people away with the shotgun was soooo satisfying, seeing all the body parts fly across the map, lmao. The kill animations and visuals, mixed with how the game felt to play, made for some very satisfying gameplay. I hope they can keep that same feeling in the next game.
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HacSawJimThugin  +   263d ago
Absolutely agree with that post. Getting head shots in Gears regardless of the weapon is some of the best stuff in gaming IMO. The animation coupled with the sound effects still give me chills. Can't wait to see how these elements will return with all of thus new gen muscle.
Mikefizzled  +   264d ago
I may be the only one but more scenes like the RAAM's shadow dlc. As that was awesome.
cr33ping_death  +   263d ago
Let this be so... and I will buy an Xbox One... I remember Saturdays flying by playing the first Gears all day.... I want that for this new Gears.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   263d ago
Gears of War has always been my favorite series. Except for judgement. I remember I spent hundreds of hours on horde. Reached level 50 by myself!

I can't wait to see and experience what Black Tusks will bring to the table but one thing is for sure, day one I'm getting it!
Bonkerz  +   263d ago
This and Halo are the games that are going to completely define the X1. Cant wait to see what amazing things they come up with.
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TheUberAsian  +   263d ago
This game needs to come to the PS4... I think so many players migrated from the Xbox 360 to the Ps4
TheDevKit  +   263d ago
I don't think it will come to PS4.

At best, it might come to PC.
HugoDrax  +   263d ago
HUH? You know Microsoft owns Gears of War now right?
TheUberAsian  +   263d ago
Oh yeah, I know... But it would be nice to expand the series onto other platforms
bornsinner  +   263d ago
oh great gears of war going to be ruined again... ms jus remake gears of war 1 and be done with it
BABY-JEDI  +   263d ago
I'm looking forward to the new Gears. Hopefully the new innovations will show off the unique feature of the Xbox1, giving people (like me) a real good reason to go out & get the console. Gears is an excellent franchise
; )

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