E3 2014 Ultimate Preview: Microsoft and Sony's Plans for Los Angeles

What should we expect from E3 2014? In three parts (to be submitted) we'll run through all the major companies, what games they're bringing to the party and what surprises they might have up their sleeves. In this first part we'll focus on the big boys Sony and Microsoft, and how they plan to continue their next gen battle.

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Tatsuya 1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Prepare yourself for the best SONY E3 since 2009! Project Beast will blow shit up, just u wait and see :)

VforVideogames1259d ago

I think MICROSOFT will win this years E3 with overall games , its being on top with better games than sony or Nintendo since it launched, XBOXONE hands down the best gaming console ever.

Ausbo1259d ago

Best gaming console ever? Haha it has a long way to go to be called that. Come on man.

WeAreLegion1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Check for spelling and sentence structure errors before you post. Take pride in your work.

OT: I think Ben is off. Sony will certainly have a few surprises for us. I seriously doubt Gears of War will make an appearance. Black Tusk hasn't had any time to develop yet.

cuttman1259d ago ShowReplies(3)
incendy351259d ago

Both are promising new IP's so that is what I am most excited about. Can't wait to see what they are!


IMO MS feels like they have a lot to prove, so they will bring out all of the stops in this years E3. I think Sony will keep an even keel and do most of what this article says, then pull out one or two unexpected things at the end.

I expect a big indie focus from Sony.

I expect MS to bring more next gen games to try and prove a point to the consumer.

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