Origami Filler – Why I’m already bored of Infamous: Second Son

Week four of the Paper Trail DLC is now available, though I have no intention of returning to the game. I’m having too much fun actually playing Assassin’s Creed IV, rather than jumping back and forth between the game and a website for unsatisfying puzzles and an incomprehensible story. It’s a pretty cool idea, fusing the game with external media and a weekly story, but the way Sucker Punch has run the show so far is just painful and unfun.

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MoB211388d ago

If this article came out a month ago it would have much more substance.

If you aren't bored by Second Son at this point then there is something up.

(I thoroughly enjoyed playing Second Son, but let's face it: it got hella boring hella quick)

Clown_Syndr0me1388d ago

Im renting it as off tomorrow, hopefully it will last a week or so without getting boring.
This is one reason I don't listen to reviews published within the first week, lasting appeal cant be judged that quickly!