E3 Best And Worst Moments of All Time: "Crowd Reaction To PS4 DRM/Price, PSN Outage Apology & More"

GP: One of the most interesting part of the gaming world is E3; It is the highly awaited event of the year. Inaugurated in the year 1995, Electronic Entertainment Expo i.e. E3 becomes the area of excitement for the whole gaming industry. Everything happens at E3, be it game launches, announcements, trailers and last but not the least controversies.

From the last 19 years of E3, such huge number of things have happened that if I try to list all of them in detail, I would never stop writing! So for starters I tried to categorize the E3 moments into Best, Worst and Painful.

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Neonridr1351d ago

my personal favorite was the Sony conference from 2006.

“Genji 2 is an Ashen game which is based on Japanese history. The stages of the game will also be based on famous battles which actually took place in Ancient Japan. So here’s this giant enemy crab… “ lol

Concertoine1351d ago

Classic stuff
Also that cringe worthy wii music demonstration and the kinect kids shenanigans.

GarrusVakarian1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I think i would put the Kinect stuff at the top of my list of worst E3 moments, they were so cringe worthy.

Actually, scratch that, Konami 2010 was on another level of bad. Watching the videos, it';s hard to believe tall that actually happened at an E3.

iamnsuperman1351d ago

I love that moment. Honestly the best moment in years and I don't think it has been topped since. Perfectly ridiculous

Lowsnamebrand1351d ago

Where the f*** was usher at?

creatchee1351d ago

Konami E3 2010... when everything lost its mind.

WeAreLegion1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Konami 2010

Jamie Kennedy's Activision conference.

Mr. Caffeine's Ubisoft conference.

I would actually prefer Mr. Caffeine over the trash that has been hosting Ubisoft's conferences the past couple of years. THAT is cringeworthy stuff. At least Mr. Caffeine was unintentionally hilarious.