7 reasons why Call of Duty can rise from the dead

After Red Bull declared Call of Duty dead following the by-the-numbers borefest of Ghosts, here's how Advanced Warfare can rejuvinate the series.

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avengers19781358d ago

It ain't dead if every year there the number 1 selling game.
I stayed away from ghost but it was the number one selling game that came out last fall.
To the more main stream audience COD is always there most anticipated release

Jughead34161357d ago

Avengers - I was going to say the same thing. There was just an article yesterday on how COD Ghosts is the best selling game on new gen consoles. This doesn't sound dead to me. Sure people are fatigue of the same old copy and paste job every year, as am I, but for some reason it's still selling like hot cakes

Brix901358d ago

Best selling game on the PS4 and One....yep sounds dead to me /s up

HeavenlySnipes1357d ago

To be fair, there aren't many online mp games on either console to choose from


hollabox1357d ago

I was thinking the same thing. COD sold what over 20 million across all platforms? The same crap with this is the last generation articles.

_LarZen_1357d ago

For being a "dead" game it sure sells allot of copies. :D

candy_mafia1357d ago

COD series has never been dead!

Look at the sales figures year in year out??

Pathetic article, is a pathetic article ;/

SG1_dapunisherX1357d ago

the only people who calling cod dead is n4g.. i skip ghost because it was trash, but if this cod wf is a great game i get when it hits $30

candy_mafia1357d ago

Well they have an actor not known for taking bad scripts, so the story should be good!

Kevin Spacey :)

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The story is too old to be commented.