10 Banned Games From Around The World

JunkExplorer: Here are 10 games that were banned in different countries because of there violent and sexual nature.

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cfc781265d ago

So glad i live in England most of the list is made up of amazing games especially that number 3,number 7 is pretty unbelievable can't understand who would want to make that!!!.

Anthotis1265d ago

You can be prosecuted and imprisoned in England for viewing Hentai.

We do have our own ridiculous censorship laws, just like everyone else.

cfc781265d ago

Hentai ain't my thing so i'll be ok.

plmkoh1265d ago

Urggh, need to ban this website on N4G, every single article there is a list of top 20,35,50+ where they get you to click each part individually. This is click-whoring at it's finest to draw ad-revenue and traffic.

WeAreLegion1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

They're all on the same page, at least. I'm tired of having to load a new page for every number.

We SHOULD be banning them for the horrible writing.

"it was and still is a nice shooter which gives you a proper fun in single player you can say it’s a pc’s “Resistance” except for the aliens offcorse"

plmkoh1265d ago

It only looks like it's on the same page, but have a look at the URL, you're actually booting up a new page everytime. They're sneaky these guys, I give them that.

WeAreLegion1265d ago

Oh, I see. Let's ban 'em!

viccrack1265d ago

manhunt was banned from loads of countries personaly that game was so much violent and weird .oh and about this site their posts are really fun and authentic and that page slider is awesome i have seen some sites where you have to click on every page next button to see the next post
lol this game is just like resistence for the pc . well they are not violating any n4g policies so i don't actually care ..

TI_211265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Is that stuff about TLOU even true? I can't find a trustworthy English source. :X
Apparently that guy just copy/pasted the text from, which has been posted by an Indonesian gamer without providing any source either.

He also didn't share in which country GoW is banned. :Y

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AliC1265d ago

Someone needs to run a spellcheck on that site.

Eonjay1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

This is my biggest issue with Xbox/PS4 in China.
The amount of censorship contained in their guidelines is so unheard of, its really hard to see any traditional Western games being successfully approved there and most Japanese games as well. They even go as far as to ban all religious references, anything that doesn't show China in the best light, or anything that may be seen a moral corrupt. All of which is completely subjective.

whybag1265d ago

Some of the posts on this list are nearly unintelligible. Find a proofreader that made it to middle school at least.

"The game got banned because of the brutal revenge , and a bit of the sex scenes that happens throughout the game there was another reason for this game to be banned it was because of the name “God” , despise of the banning of the game God of war still be seen on the store shelves the banned the game but didn’t have any strict law against it and had a relaxed enforcement in there own country which made me believe that man who was in charge must be a fan."


Venemox1265d ago

didn't even mention where it was banned..

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