Free Godzilla Game is Surprisingly Good

Excited for the new Godzilla film but disappointed that there's not a video game tie-in to keep you going till the movie is released? Well, actually there is. Godzilla: Strike Zone is absolutely free, playable in web browsers and on smart phones, and it's actually surprisingly good.

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cfc781351d ago

Nice to see the King of the monsters looking more like the japanese version rather than the U.S knock off version can't wait to see the movie might even try this out.

WeAreLegion1350d ago

He was talking about Godzilla.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1350d ago


I didn't even read his comment really. I was just posting my opinion because I love doing so.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1350d ago


In the U.S knock off Godzilla is like the same size as King Kong and King Kong can probably beat him up, in the Japanese version, Godzilla can just throw fire from his mouth and vanquish the entire city along with King Kong in it.

cfc781350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

lol there's no way King Kong(25ft in the 2005 film) is as big he's about the size of a T-REX,Godzilla was 196ft in the american movie and 325ft in the japanese films which means Kong would of ended up as a mars bar sized snack,only time he ever had a chance was in the japanese films where he was of similar size.

thehobbyist1349d ago

I don't like how American advertisements make it out to be some apocalypse story meanwhile Japanese adverts clearly are displaying "Back to basics, Godzilla fights monster, city is destroyed in process."

GenericNameHere1350d ago

Atmosphere was great, but horrible framerate drops and terribad controls. Still, for free, you got a little taste of the music.

vishmarx1350d ago

came to say exactly this.
that halo jump felt great.

FFRyan1350d ago

Idk how you had frame drops, I had 200 fps the whole time. Atmosphere was pretty good even though it looks like a potato.

GenericNameHere1349d ago

I downloaded the app on my iPhone 4S. I have an OOOOOOLLD phone, so you know, FPS = poop.

matgrowcott1350d ago

Might be a connection issue on your part. I had awesome framerate and the controls were perfect too.

Ashunderfire861350d ago

I would love to have a VR Godizilla experience game.