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An epic review of an epic game. The Vita Lounge reviews God of War Collection for Vita, covering Kratos' legendary journey to seek revenge on the gods.

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teflontactics1476d ago

Aww yeah! It's finally here =D

Chaz30101476d ago

I've been looking forward to this for a longtime! Great review Brad!

H4all1476d ago

1 Word = Masterpiece!

vongruetz1476d ago

The review or the game? :)
Taking two of the greatest games ever made and bundling them into one package is awesome.
Now I just need to wait for the Sly collection to come out in the US

H4all1476d ago

The game is Masterpiece..
the review is Excellent..
and... that Sly collection,
will grab that soon..

ruefrak1476d ago

I love your avatar. When are they going to release the next chapter of Jacob Jones on the Vita?? I want answers!!

WeAreLegion1476d ago

We all want answers. That games is phenomenal!

Paul_Murphy1476d ago

The last time I asked about Jacob Jones, I was told it was "coming along nicely". That reminds me to have a word with them again. :)

Great review Vongruetz, not played GOW before, but since Kratos was uber in PSAS and your review is awesome, I'll have to give it a go.

etownone1476d ago


I only played the PSP games

This is the one franchise I've been jealous of since never owning a PS2/3

SaffronCurse1476d ago

Omg get a Ps3 just to play God Of War 3!

vongruetz1476d ago

I bought my first PS3 just so I could play God of War 3. Luckily, it was bundled with the God of War Collection, so I played all three straight through back to back to back.
Doing that really highlighted how great GoW 2 really is in the series.

etownone1476d ago

I gotta find a way to play gow3 after these.

ruefrak1476d ago

I can't wait to get this. It's going to be epic. Now I just need to get Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta on my Vita. Like a sucker, I bought them both on disc. Those UMDs don't fit very well in the Vita card slot.

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