3 reasons the Xbox One will fail in China

Games in Asia writes: "The Xbox One is coming to China this fall, but can it actually win over Chinese gamers? Call me a pessimist, but my answer is: nope."

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PONTIAC08G8GT1414d ago

Here's 1 reason and the only reason: Sony and Playstation. China has never been huge on the Xbox so why would anyone think this would be different with the X1?

aviator1891414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

How can you know if neither of the original two predecessors of the xbox one were made legally available in China during the 14-year console ban?

LackTrue4K1414d ago

"first one out the gate"

that its self puts it in a good place, and yes i know how Sony's PlayStation3 pick up its paste @ the end of it's cycle.

georgeenoob1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Even if PS4 will sell better, X1 releasing in China is HUGE for MS since there's 1.3 billion people there, and will definitely sell more than just something.

If MS is willing to sell X1 in Japan what makes you think they wouldn't release it in China given the opportunity?

uptownsoul1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

@aviator189 Because there are no games the Chinese would want to play on their consoles. There are very few legal Chinese games they are playing now that resemble any Xbox games of today or yesteryear. In other words, if home-grown Chinese developers thought Xbox-type games would sell, wouldn't they make similar Chinese style games.

@georgeenoob Yes there are 1.3B people in China and the gaming community is large, BUT, as this and other articles have pointed out:

Microsoft themselves say they're looking at selling only 100,000 consoles in 2014(July-Dec)…Thats not very much based on population

And the Chinese government has easy intellectual property laws that allow people to hack (and make) cheaper Xbox Ones and sell pirated games cheap.

rainslacker1413d ago

The past couple gens the most successful console on the grey market were the cheapest and easiest to pirate. It's likely this trend will continue given the restrictions placed on legally released games.

The Wii and PS2 did quite well there.

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psych1414d ago

Actually I lived in China for a few years and I can say you are 100% wrong in saying that "China has never been huge on Xbox".
The grey market was full of games for 2 consoles only; the Wii and the Xbox 360, because they were able to be modded to play pirated copies of games.

In all my time there I only met 2 people who owned a PS3 (and even they owned an Xbox 360 too), whereas I met scores of people who owned a 360, hell, I even helped at least a dozen people buy a 360 from the grey market.

Now that being said I do realize that the X1 will not sell like that on the open market in China (and I'm not trying to say it will) for the simple fact that the games will cost ~374rmb(~$60US)-623rmb(~$100US ), way more than the 6rmb(~$0.96US)per disc for pirated games on the modded 360 and Wii, which is why the PS3 didn't sell as well on the grey market.

In my opinion neither console will sell well in China until it can be modded to play pirated games.

FarEastOrient1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

The reason why the X360 was dominate in China was due to the ease of piracy for the console. PS1 and PS2 games were huge due to the piracy of the disc. The problem is that the kids grew up playing games on pirated software and pushed the free to play model. You can't steal a free game and only the dedicated are willing to hack past the "pay gates."

psych1413d ago


That is a good point, I had forgotten about the free-to-play market on consoles, and really should have included the PS1 and PS2 as not to say that Playstation had never been a popular brand in China.

It's just that while I was there your choices were the Wii or the 360 due to the lack of pirated games available on the PS3. Meaning that if you wanted to play the then-next-gen games you had to buy a 360 or a Wii, or shell out for real games on the PS3.

As for the Free-to-play games, you are absolutely right, that is a huge incentive to buy a console, which in turn is a huge incentive for the companies to release them on the consoles.

That being said, I still think that neither the X1 nor PS4 will see the kind of saturation in China that the 360 or PS2\1 did until they are able to play pirated games.

headblackman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

3 opinions is what this is and this writer is entitled to their opinions, but let's not push this off as a guaranteed 3 reasons for a guaranteed fail. business involves chances and risks. this business adventure is no different!

NEXT TOPIC! (and make it some real news next time please) :-/

mrpsychoticstalker1414d ago

I highly doubt it will fail, Microsoft is spending a lot not only on the Xbox as a gaming machine, but also on TV. Its Clear with that deal they made.

001414d ago

because there is like 40 bootleg versions of the consoles.

DefenderOfDoom21414d ago

A free to play cell phone game called "DRAGON ?????" has been bringing in 100million a month for like 6 months in CHINA! Crazy!

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