PS4 Update 1.7 – The Things We Like

IM PLAYIN takes a look at, and discusses, the latest PS4 update.

"So first of all, you will notice right away that there are a couple more options on the home menu. You will notice that there is now a dedicated Media button that takes you to all your screenshots and videos that have been recorded with the share button. Now I think that it is about time we got this on the home screen as having this tucked away within your account just seemed like a waste, especially as it was a bit of a hassle to find. Mechanics within the media centre have changed as well. You can now save media to an external USB in one of the best features of this update by far. Sure, there are other fixes for much needed things, but as someone who would like to use a lot of the content that I capture, having only the option to link and share on Facebook was a pain in the arse!"

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