Ed Boon Teasing New Announcement For June 2nd

Netherealm Studios' Ed Boob has been teasing about a possible new announcement coming on June 2nd.

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Sarobi1510d ago

>Ed Boob

You may want to fix that.

imt5581510d ago


Boobs everywhere!:)

JMyers1510d ago

Did somone say boob? Where, show me... :D

chrissx1510d ago

Mortal Kombat 10 or shaolin monks 2 please

madara0sama1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Gotta agree with both. Shaolin Monks is one of my favorite games of all time. Don't care for Injustice though.

nope1111510d ago

Oh my god Shaolin Monks was friggin' awesome.

GeraltofRivia1510d ago

Jack Bauer in the next Mortal Kombat! Maybe Mortal Kombat verse Street Fighter?

donwel1510d ago

"Ed Boob"
Seriously though, you may want to correct that.

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The story is too old to be commented.