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It is absolutely God of War, which is perhaps the greatest compliment of all.

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ValKilmer1535d ago

Wow, Sony didn't botch this? Freaking awesome. I want EVERY first-party PS2 game to be remade for PS Vita now. It shall be done, Sony.

DarkLordMalik1535d ago

Sly is coming (In US), Ratchet Collection might come. I want some of the JRPGs though.

Dark Cloud HD Collection?

Yes, please :D

ValKilmer1535d ago

Oh man, don't even tease me with Dark Cloud HD.

morganfell1535d ago

You say that as if you expected them to botch this. Even more odd is you are the first to comment, and in surprise, over an article YOU submitted.

Bundi1535d ago

Sure, let's have them dedicate even more resources into recreating OLD games for new systems! Is the 8th generation meant to be a stop-gap in terms of games? Are people happy with mostly indies and remasters of remasters on the Vita?

Tidybrutes1535d ago

Remakes on handhelds are nothing new, GBA was full of 16 bit remakes.

Bundi1535d ago

GBA also had its own games and no competition. Also this is 2014, what might have worked 20 years ago is not necessarily great in point: the massive fail that is Vita outside Japan.

jspillen1535d ago

God of War on the Vita... OH HELL YES !!!

ValKilmer1535d ago

Is anybody else disappointed that God of War III isn't included here?

mezati991535d ago

can the vita really run that game ?! it's graphically mind blowing. plus it's freaking HUGE game "35gb"

SoulSercher6201535d ago

I would be shocked if the Vita could run that game. I love my Vita but let's be real, it can only handle so much.

ruefrak1535d ago

No, GoW3 was a big let down for me after playing the first two. Graphically it's beautiful, but the story isn't as good.

MrFit1535d ago

i want Punky Skunk HD

eferreira1535d ago

I just bought the ps1 game couple weeks ago

TheGrimReaper00111535d ago

Is there cross buy?
I already bought it digital for PS3
Else, I think I'll pass

I played on PS2 and on PS3

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