Five last-gen Japanese imports we’d still buy in English

MMGN: As one console generation transitions into the next and we start to slip into a nostalgic mode of discourse, it’s worth thinking about some of the games we missed out on. This is basically the point of no return – there’ll be no more Tokyo Jungles, no more Deathsmiles, or any of the other games we missed out on. No one’s going to take a risk on these weird quirky outdated games anymore. Let’s take a moment to think about some of the games we missed out on this generation.

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B_Rian891415d ago

still waiting on Yakuza 5 :(

Chaos_Raiden1415d ago

Also waiting for Yakuza 5.

I bought the Japanese version of Okami HD Blu-Ray, and I am pleasantly satisfied with the great remastered graphics, gameplay, and the English translation.

CaptainYesterday1415d ago

I really want Yakuza 5 and Yakuza: Ishin so bad!