The Last of Us New Difficulty Mode Explained; PS4 Release Still On Track For Summer 2014

GearNuke: "The Last of Us will get a new difficulty mode in the latest DLC, which will add new incentive to replay the game again. People might be wondering what’s new in this additional difficulty mode. According to Arne Meyer, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, this new difficulty mode is “a step beyond” even the Survivor mode."


It has been confirmed that this Grounded mode has "Super aggressive AI."

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ZodTheRipper1452d ago

That's good to hear but I don't think they can keep that "E3 surprise release" some people are talking about ...I'm excepting August at the moment. Still pretty good as it would be just a few months after the announcement.

Army_of_Darkness1452d ago

I never got to play last of us yet and won't have a ps4 until July-Aug anyways, so it works out for me.

showtimefolks1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

see this for targeting gamers like you, who didn't have a ps3 or didn't get to play TLOU. Now you get the definitive version with all the DLC

and for gamers like me who are wiling to spend $60 one more time to support ND/sony because this game deserves it. Sony had the balls to release a new IP late in the console life when people say new Ip's are doomed if they launch late

my thing is as long as its a quality game, it will sell no matter when its launching.

I am very interested to see what kind of sales TLOU could get on ps4. If sony wants to make more than release it by June/july because after that starting in late august some big titles will be releasing

IMO 2-3 million copies sold is likely, but i am not analyst so i could be wrong

M83_1451d ago


You're still a fuck of a lot better than Pachter anyhow

theDivision1451d ago


I agree, releasing it in july/june will certainly help its sales. August bigger games are supposed to be coming out and if they can squeeze this game out before then I think it will definitely help their sales.

LonDonE1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

what would be even more awesome is if Sony and naughty dog allow people like us who bought and still own the PS3 version to be able to pay a massively discounted price for TLOU REMASTERED due to being playstation plus subscribers and supporters of the PS3 version!!

That would be awesome! like the upgrade program.
PSN PLUS games has been a bit thin on PS4 since launch which is to be expected since the game library is limited, but still a discounted version for PS3 owners of the game would go a long way to showing us appreciation!

Either way i will be buying it since for me its in my top 5 best games of all time! along with metroid prime and few others.
Games like this are a game changer and completing it on survivor mode was a mind blowing experience, so i am looking forward to the new difficulty mode.

UltraNova1451d ago


At 6 million + sold I doubt ND needs any support. Its good though new people can experience this game which I consider the best of the better part of a decade.

60 though.. I dont know...still buying it day1.

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M83_1451d ago

I'm betting it's still June... and hoping

Magicite1451d ago

gonna be first must-have game on ps4 for me (haven't played it on ps3 yet and Im glad).

Nitrowolf21452d ago

clicked expecting an explaination only to be told what we already been told (that Grounded is harder than survival)

Plyzz1451d ago

Exactly my thoughts..
It would be amazing if the "new" and harder AI in Grounded Mode will behave like the AI did in the early TLoU trailers. :)
Either way, this game will never get old.

sashimi1452d ago

honestly grounded shouldn't be to hard for me since i already beat survival without using much of any items with minimal weapon usage except during the sewer scene to get past certain sections without room clearing and rarely any healing.

But nonetheless imma play it since i have season pass :)

LKHGFDSA1452d ago

Survivor mode was crap, you have to stealth the whole game and strangle the enemies. it's not as enjoyable IMO and it's not really survival horror IMO.

mike32UK1452d ago

i think that's why the majority of people did like survivor mode, it actually required patience and skill opposed to easy where you could just go nuts and not care about the consequences

AaronPS1452d ago

Using desperate measures such as stealth and carefully planning when and if to use items isn't survival horror?

Jonny5isalive1452d ago

I liked survivor, I had more supplies when I played survivor than hard since it was my second time playing. By the end of survivor I had maxed bombs/moltolvs, deagle ammo and tons of other ammo. I destroyed the soldier guys at the end with explosions and fire.

KinjoTakemura1452d ago

These modes aren't for people who like to run though a game with weapons blazing. These modes require patience and forethought. Some people just don't have the patience.

BlackTar1871451d ago

So i'm getting you really like guns and shooters.

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csreynolds1452d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

"The Last of Us New Difficulty Mode Explained"

Author states it's different from Survivor difficult, but how is unknown.

Not quite an explanation... -_-

TheGrimReaper00111451d ago

Was about to type the same thing
fucking clickbait >_>

PockyKing1451d ago

This site feeds off Dualshockers, don't expect much better.

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