8 Potentially Great Video Games That Were Dead On release

EasyGuidez: The sad thing about video games is that the vast majority of such let-downs are the disappointing kind. Even when it’s so dire the developers might as well be mocking your very existence, you can realize how they might have succeeded. Put in enough hours or look far enough into the behind the scenes work, and you can just about see the great game developers were trying to bring to life, even in the absolute worst of games.

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Physco1475d ago

i think flop due to titles

ironfist921475d ago

For those who dont want to read page per number list:

Metroid: Other M
Hellgate: London
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour

joab7771475d ago

I think wiki after I read it. Its written like a wiki entry with no mention of what was expected and why it failed....just info about everything but the topic.

Oh...and Too Human wasnt on the list. And if Aliens is so should Duke Nukem, Gearbox's other brilliant move.

Funkydesert1475d ago

Yes titles are very boring

GeofferyPeterson1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

What about "Wet" that always made me giggle.

Vegamyster1475d ago

Brink should be added to the list.

Hazmat131475d ago

man. HAZE was huge let down for me. i had soo much hype for it. at least korn got a good song for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.