Why We Don't Have a Holocaust Video Game and Why We Desperately Need One

8CN: I am a child of the 90s. As such, the halcyon days of my youth were focused on pogs, pokemon and the extermination of six million Jewish people by the National Socialist Party of Germany in the 1940s.

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SpiralTear1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

While I can see how making a game based on this event could offer new viewpoints in educating this generation about it, I still believe that some subject matter can be misinterpreted far too easily to be put into a video game (at least as a commercial product). Real world events of this level are hard to design when you consider that the player is taking some kind of role here, a role based around a real person involved in the tragedy. That's much harder to digest.


"And since film is a dying star and video games are poised to take its place..."

This is a ridiculous claim. I can see the evolutionary nature of games as a form of media, but saying this is like saying film would take the place of books. That never happened and this will never happen either. There's nothing illogical or wrong with two mediums from different eras coexisting.

ArchangelMike1415d ago

Dude do you know how many WWII games are out there? What do you think WWII was about?

We definitely don't need a game about the Holocaust, it would only serve to trivialise the horrific genocide and murder that took place.