The 12 Best Video Games of 2014 (so far)

We're only a quarter of the way through the year and already the video game industry has been unloading with superb AAA titles month after month. Thus far, 2014 has given us so many games worth playing it's not a matter of are there great games to play, but rather which of the great games are the best of the best?

After pouring hundreds of hours into the finest video games so far this year, I've attempted to answer this question by coming up with a list, ranked in order, of my Top 12 favourites. It was a challenging undertaking - let's see if you agree!

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ovnipc1504d ago

I almost complete infamous ss, the game its great, but the best story of all next gen released its ryse, really cool story.

KosherNostra1504d ago

I'm trying to leave a comment, but it keeps telling me "Your comment looks like spam". Loosen your filters, N4G.

stevenhearnn1504d ago

It was really hard to pick the games and order them, and there were quite a few other games I enjoyed this year Glad to hear you're enjoying Danganronpa, that's another game definitely worth picking up. With so many good games coming out you really have to pick and choose which ones to pick up. Any one of the games on my list could entertain for hours on end!

Ravenheartzero1504d ago

Gotta be Dark souls 2 for me so far

MadMax1504d ago

I was kinda let down by Infamous. Graphics are great, but gameplay seems too repetitive to me. Dull and boring missions. Watch dogs looks better I think!

Not many good games this year so far. Need to pick up the pace already!

Dynasty20211504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I didn't like Infamous.

I didn't think the graphics were all that special, and jesus christ the gameplay gets so stale after a while. 4 powers but you end up using 1 almost exclusively once you get it, and then they give you a 4th power AT THE END WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT as the map is so small and empty.

It's FAR too easy too, and every collectable is located on the map for you. Too dumbed down. Too "consoley".

Dark Souls 2 has GOTY for me so far. The PC version runs so smooth.

Can't wait for Watch Dogs.

Reaper Of Souls was also surprisingly good and has gotten me back into Diablo 3.

johndoe112111504d ago

Yeah I understand what you're saying. It's pretty hard to like and appreciate the graphics of a game you've never played on a console you don't own.

Heck, how did they expect you to actually enjoy the game if you never played it? I think they should have done a better job when they created that imaginary version for your pc.

I think they said they were doing a mod for you pc guys that was raising it to 12000 x 10000 and making it 5000fps. Let me know what you think of it then.

Oh by the story bro.

SoulSercher6201503d ago

Watching Infamous on YouTube is not the same as playing it. Stop acting like you did play it.

MadMax1503d ago

Graphics are good! I will tell you this though, I am having a great time playing Bound By Flame right now! Game just slipped under the radar and is getting no exposure. Playing it on PS4 and its really good!!! Better than Infamous by far!

annus1504d ago

I was really disappointed by the length. I finished it in 7 1/2 hours on whatever the default difficulty is.

There didn't really seem to be anything interesting to do after finishing the story, and all of the powers just didn't quite feel complete. I loved the powers, but I would have loved some sort of 'cheat' to personalise our own builds or something, it just felt like every set of powers had two or three cool abilities and the rest were just crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.