Sony Really Needs Uncharted 4 To Launch For The Holidays

Without a high-profile, hugely anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive for the holiday rush, Microsoft could catch up fast with Halo 5 and a price drop.

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Abash1358d ago

If Uncharted 4 isn't done this year, Sony still has The Order: 1886 set to release this hliday

ScareFactor1358d ago

I have a good feeling the order will be delayed same with Destiny, though I hope I am wrong

extermin8or1358d ago

Destiny has already been delayed once was due in spring... and the order I think is a possibility but I hope not.

GarrusVakarian1358d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I doubt UC4 is coming this year, although, every Uncharted has released a year after it's initial reveal, so there's that....

I think The Order will be Sony's hit for the holidays, i think UC4 will be Q1 2015. Nor do i think Halo 5 will be this year, i think we will get a Halo 2 remake before we get Halo 5...which is fine with me.

Sevir1358d ago

The beta was due in spring! not the full release!

Uncharted was Never releasing this year!... I'm sure its a fall 2015 release

AngelicIceDiamond1358d ago

I believe The Order can hold its ground if it impresses at E3.

MS does have Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break and maybe Halo 5 or Halo 2 remake.

Sony knows they need a line up to compete so we gotta wait for E3.

extermin8or1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Halo 2 HD, Sunset overdrive I can see launching this year and maybe project spark? Quantum Break however I think wont release tikk next spring/summer and halo 5 should be a 2015 game-any earkier andbits likely been rushed. Back OT: it's been what 3 years almost since uncharted 3 I"d love to see uncharted 4 however I suspect ut cant release this year without being rushed but I wouldnt rule out a release of all 3/4 previous games in the new version of ND's engine on ps4 on one disc. For all the people that want to play it again/didnt get to play them last gen release prior to xmas.

AceBlazer131358d ago

We're assuming Halo 5 is launching this year. Judging from what has been shown, a cgi trailer for Halo and an announce trailer for Uncharted, it's a safe bet that neither are coming this year. Even then I'm content with DriveClub and The Order and the couple of multiplats coming.

sprinterboy1357d ago


Agree, think guerilla games new ip could make holiday 2014

extermin8or1358d ago

I suspect uncharted will hitnnext summer seeing as sony had success with tlou rekeasing at thst time of year. I think they will have other games lined up for autumn/winter 2015.

AngelicIceDiamond1358d ago

I dunno, but then again I think people just want the promised 3rd party games more than anything at the moment.

COD: AW, Assassin's Creed Unity, Destiny Batman Arkham Knight, Dragon Age: Inquision, The Crew, The Division etc. Every Multiplat title that was promised so far.

Imo the the exclusives will do great and will further push the console sales but realistically, at least right now third party is the main attention.

So the PS4 isn't in any kind of trouble this holiday nor the next spring season because the most anticipated games are finally getting released.

BlakHavoc1358d ago

I doubt we'll see UC4 this year, and if that's the case I'll be bummed about only getting The Order and Driveclub this year as PS4 AAA exclusives. Of course you have TLOU but that doesn't exactly offer a new experience considering i've played it already and am honestly tired of ports. They haven't really announced much so far, but i'm hoping at E3 we'll see at least 2 PS4 exclusives get release dates, and something that's not The Order. I'd be fine with Driveclub, The Order, Bend's IP, and Project Beast for this year. Halo 5 if released this year will definitely benefit the X1, but much like Titanfall I think people are over analyzing what the title may do for the X1.

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