Borderlands 2 on PSN Requires Large Memory Card Space On PS Vita

Gamers who will be picking up the new PlayStation Slim tomorrow that comes with a digital copy of Borderlands 2, the 8GB memory card that comes with the bundle is sufficient enough to download the game.

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porkChop1480d ago

Sony you need to get larger memory cards out at decent prices. I should be able to buy a 64GB for $80 or less.

3-4-51480d ago

F that.

I've been since this game was announced to make my decision but tomorrow I will be buying Borderlands 2 for PC instead of Vita.

Just seems like the better overall experience.

How does it run on PC compared to xbox 360 ?

zeuanimals1480d ago

Of course it's the overall better experience, but what people have to understand about the Vita and Vita ports is that they are portable. You sacrifice a better experience (if you have the hardware) for portability if you're buying it for the Vita, for some people, it's a worthwhile tradeoff.

Skate-AK1480d ago

If you have a Nvidia card, it's like a different game with Physx.

Check out the video

Also 60fps compared to 360s 30 and below.

theshonen88991480d ago

The Vita memory cards are the only flaw in an otherwise nearly perfect handheld game system.

Kennytaur1480d ago

I just want to point out that this "experience" isn't just about graphics and framerate. It can be enhanced by how you play it, where and when.

MrFit1480d ago

why wouldnt the pc be better than a vita version? thats a silly comparison you're not dragging a pc on the bus with you.

3-4-51480d ago

* I own a vita & PC, I literally just bought it off STEAM for $20, as I can play with Keyboard & Mouse OR my xbox 360 controller.

* Screen is bigger, FPS is higher, resolution is better, Frame Rate won't jump as much, 4 player co-op...

I DID really want this game for Vita and was going to buy it until I read more about it and just realized I won't have as much fun as I want with it.

I still may get it in the future at some point if I never get into the DLC with this version.

I think they did a solid job on the game, I'm not trying to knock the Vita version, but for me personally, it just made more sense to go with the PC version for now.

That and I save space on my Vita's Memory card now.

Did I get that many Disagrees because I mentioned Xbox 360 ? lol

Neonridr1480d ago

@MrFit - but you can take a laptop with you.

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bothebo1480d ago

That's what, just under 5 GB? Now obviously that isn't big for anything other than a hand held, but with proprietary memory that's quite a lot.

ninjahunter1480d ago

Thats like $20 worth of memory! Ugh, just kill me now, i dont want to feel the pain of going digital on vita anymore.

HighResHero1480d ago

I buy physical and digital.

nope1111480d ago

Ugh. F digital. Seriously disappointed that Soul Sacrifice Delta is digital only. it's over 3GB :(

My poor 16GB card....

imt5581480d ago

So glad i bought 64GB Memory Card from Japan.

ShwankyShpanky1479d ago

Got mine from Amazon (sold by Seitendo/From-Japan-Shopping) for $105 (now $107.89) with Prime shipping.

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The story is too old to be commented.