E-Sports: Does it Impact Game Communities?

Pixel Gate writes:

''The e-sports scene on consoles is on the rise, and people seem to be happy with that. But does e-sports have an impact on the state of online gaming? Does it have an impact on the communities of various online games?''

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ATi_Elite1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

YES! It will turn a Casual/core community into a Ultra Hardcore Competitive community.

Global Ranking mean a LOT in the PC Gaming Community as Million of dollars in Endorsement deals are on th line once a game becomes an eSPort.

Firefall went from a fun FPS/TPS-MMO to an Elite Level Frag fest once it became an esport. I still play it from tie to time but man oh man some serious competition in the PvP realm.

needs to get out of Beta though oh and pay out that $1 million dollar prize to the winners.

GamerEuphoria1418d ago

I can relate, Guild Wars 2 and WoW PvP has became very 'WE MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS' drains the fun :/