PlayStation Store Preview – May 6th, 2014: Encore Show

From PSLS:

"This week’s highlight is the next generation version of MLB 14: The Show that’s finally available on the PS4. It’s worth a look even if you already own the PS3 version – it’s that good. Outside of that, there’s plenty of digital and retail content coming to the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. Also, be sure to check out the latest additions to PlayStation Plus."

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ftwrthtx1294d ago

Can't wait to play ome MLB on the PS4

Sly-Lupin1293d ago

Are those games still management/coaching sims?

dbjj120881294d ago

Finally gonna check out Stick it to the Man this week.

diehardmetallicafan1294d ago

its pretty cool and has a really dark humor.

rivencleft1293d ago

You know I think that's the game I'm most excited about that's releasing today, looks quite fun, it'll be a nice addition to our already growing list of PS4 games. Like PS3 I've got games on my PS4 I just stare at not having the time to touch 'em yet, unfortunately, but as Sean Connery would say, "Shoon".

Zefros1294d ago

Outlast whistleblower here =D, but will it release in europe tommorow or the day after?

Akuma2K1294d ago

Yea I can't wait to play whistleblower too, wonder how long its gonna take for me to finish it.

My heart was beating fast and my nerves were all over the place when i played Outlast, i'm sure whistleblower won't disappoint.....the trailer for whistleblower was crazy, looks like somebody paid dearly for opening their

ShwankyShpanky1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

F' yeah... Free PixelJunk Monsters on the day my Vita 2000 arrives! Got my other 30+ Vita PS+ freebies already downloaded and just itching to transfer to their new home! (glad I got that 64GB card last month)

knifefight1294d ago

Will that Grounded Bundle be included in the PS4 version?

jocomat91293d ago

The grounded mode will be and the maps, but not the new weapons or perks apparently.

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