Fan-Made, Bungie-Approved Destiny Info Vid Breaks Down All Game Modes in “The Director”

MP1st - There’s a lot out there on Bungie’s highly anticipated shared-world shooter, Destiny, and things can get a bit confusing when you’re talking about a game as massive and complex as this.

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mayberry1477d ago

OMG! Daily challenges updated by a team of Bungie devs working around the clock, 7 days a week, dedicated for 10 years! Destiny is HUGE!

overlord231477d ago

Keep up the great work Alan long live More Console.

Jughead34161477d ago

I still don't think people get the full scope and magnitude of this game. It's enormous.

Balcrist1477d ago

considering that in the last weekly update, DeeJ said that we've seen less than 10% of the game (9% max), understanding the scope of Destiny is quite difficult... Excited to see the other 91%!

Squeaky_door1477d ago

Can't wait for bungies new universe

rivencleft1476d ago

Ahhhh! Why is this game not out yet?! I'm getting antsy like a Tyrone Biggums for crack. "I don't know about you Joe Rogan, but I want some Destiny."