Can a Christian Enjoy a Scary Game?

With the recent release of such titles as Outlast and Daylight on this current generation of consoles, the issue has been brought up; is it appropriate for a Christian to play this type of game?

In one court you have the mindset that the games are just media and they are no more than entertainment value. With that thought process you have to consider the same could be said about games that have violent, graphic or pornographic content. There are those that believe that what convicts one person may not convict the other and that as long as we don't encroach on our fellow believers convictions, we can be fine. This argument has also been used to justify drinking alcohol or eating pork.

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SpiralTear1480d ago

Yes, they can, because fear is a biological reaction and is not something isolated to one's religion. Would a Christian WANT to is another story, but then again, you could direct that question to anyone from any faith. Fear may appear in different forms, but it's a universal reaction.

This question also seems to treat all who follow the Christian religion as identical, lumping them together into one hive minded mass, and that's not how things work. If two people follow the same faith, that doesn't mean they're identical. They have their own fears; what scares one might not scare the other.

So, yes. Of course a Christian can enjoy a scary game. There's no reason why they outright can't.

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Aleithian1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

This is one of the most objective responses I've read on this site. Congratulations for being rational.

My wife is a Christian and loves scary games/movies. I fail to see what could possibly prohibit a Christian from enjoying fear.

EDIT. It occurs to me that my last sentence might be taken out of context. It presupposes the accuracy of PostMesmeric's comment.

Retroman1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

no BORN again bible believing Christain holy ghost tongue speaking saved person should be playing any Devil game.

enough said.

Monolith1480d ago

Sure they can. Just like any other religion. Religion in general uses fear to convert corrupt and conquer. If you dont do this your going to hell. Theres an invisible god in the sky always watching you. All your dead relatives are in the sky watching you.
When are we all as a human race going to wake up. Its just holding us back. Dont get me wrong though, believe in whatever the hell you want!

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woodchipper891480d ago

This is a very thoughtful piece. Great stuff.

SoulSercher6201480d ago

Christianity and horror have nothing to do with each other. WTF!?

How do you link a psychological reaction to a religion?

I_am_Batman1480d ago

Actually it has a lot to do with each other. A lot of horror books, movies and even games have religious themes. The Apocalypse, religious possession, exorcism, the anti-Christ, pregnancy with satan's spawn and so on.

In reverse history shows that a lot of horrifying things have happened in the name of christianity (just like other religions).

Wether you believe in god, allah, buddha or nothing at all doesn't determine you, your actions do.

Zodiac1480d ago

God and Allah are the same thing. Allah is arabic for God.

Ittoryu1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

@ I am bat man the buddha isnt someone you believe in for most Buddhist. See the buddha Kill the buddha.

Am_Ryder1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

uhh double post

Am_Ryder1480d ago

At least Buddha was a real guy. Like he actually walked around and wrote tons of stuff back in the BC.

Ittoryu1480d ago

@am_Ryder yeah just like Christ he didnt write anything he expounded but his followers wrote it all down.

iSpeakTruth__1480d ago

I'm Christian and I love horror games. I don't understand the point of this article

MidnytRain1480d ago

Stupid titles should be banned

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