Remembering The Game Companies We Lost Last Generation

B-TEN's Zach Waller reflects on a number of game developers and publishers that unfortunately shut their doors this past generation. THQ, Factor 5, and many more are featured.

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corvusmd1233d ago

A lot of these companies hurt to lose. Red Faction, Rogue Squadron, Monkey Island, etc all hurt to lose. Hopefully, they all get picked up.

Monolith1233d ago

They say midway had nothing worthwhilre for the last decade. I spit on this article shit on it, roll it up and burn it. Then throw it back at whom ever wrote this. Midway created some of my favorite franchises. The Suffering to name just one by surreal software. Thank you good bye.

Magicite1231d ago

wow, I didnt know Big Huge Games and Vigil games and THQ exist no more, they created really great games.

reef10171233d ago

It's sad that 38 studios is no more. Kingdoms of amalur is a really good game.

elninels1233d ago

I disagree, thex world itself didn't entice me. However it showed some great potential for future work if they hadn't shut down.

dcj05241232d ago

The gameplay was freaking AWESOME!

Roccetarius1232d ago

Kingdoms of Amalur had a ton of side stuff to do, but little to do when it came to the main quest (which was okay at best). The combat was going in the right direction, but the difficulty could've been better.

While i played through the game (twice, console and PC 100%) i kinda missed a sidekick. One of the main characters could've travelled with you, and they would comment on things you do together.

That's a minor thing i guess, but i wish they could've improved on a sequel.

thorstein1233d ago

Lucasarts is gone because Lucas is stone cold crazy. He went off the deep end not too long after Ewoks made their appearance. After the appearance of Jar Jar...well, we all know what happened after that.

DanaBlack1233d ago

Nintendo should pick up Hudson, i missed the old-style mario party games. New ones aren't as fun

ape0071233d ago

mario party 1,2 and 3 FTW

zero_gamer1233d ago

The first Mario Party was the most memorable. That game made my right hand blistered after so many attempts on a certain challenge in Mini Game Island mode (if I remembered the name correctly) when I was very young. Good times, err I mean bad times.

My favorite game in the series is MP2 though. It really improved the formula in the first game.

Relientk771233d ago

These game companies will be missed

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The story is too old to be commented.