Review: Stick it to The Man [Expansive]

Playstation 4 has been receiving some quality titles through Playstation +. Resogun. Contrast. Don’t Starve. Outlast. Mercenary Kings.

And now Stick it to The Man. A game that many feel is the best offering from the service since Resogun.

Narratively, it is leaps and bounds over everything that has come so far. Its quirky sense of humor is creative, the overall feel is refreshing and from a gameplay perspective, everything just…works. Even when it shouldn’t.

Stick it to The Man is a love-letter to all of LEC’s quirky post 80′s Adventure Game era. From Zoink Studios, the game puts you in the shoes of Ray, an everyday guy who sprouts a spaghetti shaped pink arm out of his head, also known as Ted. From the word go, the look and humor of the game would totally feel at home in a Tim Schafer/Double Fine effort and contains more than a few nods and winks to the zaniness of a Sam n Max and Monkey Island adventure.

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