Battlefield 4 Adds True Party System on Consoles

With the addition of the new Battlefield 4 “Squad Join” feature on all consoles, Battlefield 4 will finally allow for you and your friends to remain as an operative squad until you leave your friends squad.

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Delsin_Rowe1353d ago

Finally, I stop playing after I discovered I couldn't play with my friends like in BF3.

JoeIsMad1353d ago

Missing a party system may have been the only thing holding back BF4 from passing up CoD this generation. if they keep it up, and polish the title more before BF5, expect them to pass this Advanced Warfare title...

Delsin_Rowe1353d ago

Battlefield need to go Futuristic, Dice is creating Star Wars Battlefront so BF5 won't come any time soon but Visceral is creating a spin off. We need futuristic Battlefield game that can compete hard with COD.

Fishy Fingers1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I disagree, there are plenty of gamers who'd prefer a military shooter grounded in reality rather than crammed with unrealistic future tech.

Although personally, I'd like to see BF2143 rather than BF5 as BF4 seemed to be more of as case of offering the (PC) BF3 experience on the console platforms.

DA_SHREDDER1353d ago

I'm sorry not being a fanboy or anything but I think it's way too late to even give a damn it this point and considering how this is their first NexGen title I don't ever plan on supporting any battlefield game ever again they better not mess up battlefront or I will bring out the pitchforks and torches

GarrusVakarian1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

You don't plan on supporting any BF game ever again, but you are going to support Star Wars: Battlefront....which is made by the exact same people?


"..and I don't see why anyone would say it's too late to give a damn about BF4??"

Yeah, people shouldn't just dismiss BF4 based on other peoples problems. I have over 140 hours played on it on PS4, hardly ever have any issues, and it's the best FPS ive played since Bad Company 2. Yeah, it's a broken game for a lot of people and has been for months, but when it works, it's a damn great FPS. The best on the market, imo.

candy_mafia1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )


LOL, so true!

..and I don't see why anyone would say it's too late to give a damn about BF4??

At this point in time, there's hardly an abundance of quality FPS/MP games on 'current' gen consoles. There's way too much sour grapes concerning gen 7. Expectations are way too high for some.

I am very happy with gen 7 so far. Better than PS2/PS3/360/Wii U launches. Everyone knows a new gen takes time to kick off, so why so many complainers?

Starwars Battlefront should be awesome though!

asmith23061353d ago

"when it works" - and there is the issue.

dantesparda1353d ago

Your loss, BF4 is a fun game even with all its issues. And all games, especially online games have issues.

OmegaShen1353d ago

To bad most problems have nothing to do with it being online, like zero health glitch and worst system crashing.

dantesparda1353d ago

Well, i barely have any issues with it and havent had a crash in months. So like i said, to bad for you. Its a good game.

Clown_Syndr0me1353d ago

Discovered this the other day, was pretty pleased. Only problem is once youre in game you can't switch squads.

gedden71353d ago

Nor add randoms to your squad in a easy way....

Clown_Syndr0me1353d ago

Yeah its annoying as it was just me and one mate playing and we decided to join another squad for more spawning options, and couldn't. Kinda sucked, may leave some feedback on the BF4 forums as they system is in beta still.

ramiuk11353d ago

yeah it should just keep you together like in COD.
the fact nobody else can join your squad sucks and if there is only 2 of you it makes online annoying at times.
To be honest i dont think bf needs squads anyway,there is no communication online at all

also if i back out of a game have ot set it all up again which i can deal with i suppose

Clown_Syndr0me1353d ago

No communication? You are playing with the wrong people. Get a group of friends and play tactically, its so much more fun and squads become essential!

ramiuk11352d ago

in all the games im playing on BF4 on ps4 i never heard anyone speak.
to the point i question if my headphones are working right lol.

i wish they would ad server browser to the squad thing too,quick match is so gay

AgentSmithPS41352d ago

In my long (and painful) experience with bf4 it's true that there is BARELY any communication, not even the fabled "screaming kids" are heard. Sometimes if you ask if anyone has a mic you'll find someone worth adding as a friend.

It's pathetic but not surprising (if it's true) that nobody can join your squad once you're in a game and you can't switch squads, sometimes with the horrible team 'balancing' 1 friend helping isn't enough.

Sam Fisher1353d ago

The squad idea sucks, im a battlefield veteran and i can say this is by the worst idea for a squad gameplay, how about all the clan members, wHats the point of having a clan tag if joining a game is random or better yet how about the hardcore people? I play hardcore and this feature is only catering to normal players, what the hell is the point of having a game mode that you wont update. This by far is the worst idea yet any dev team pulled off, if its in beta form that means its almost gold, and its like dice only made this feature with the intentions of just making some happy. Half assed squad play if you ask me.

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