Nintendo's Mystery Hardware, E3 Hypothesis

Nintendo recently put all E3 rumors to rest. Here's a little "What if" article from one of our writers at MONG.

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XiSasukeUchiha1391d ago

New handheld based on rumors!

Jackhass1391d ago

Yeah, I'd go with new handheld.

brettnll1391d ago

Same hardware, new look?

mikeslemonade1391d ago

Just keep your expectations really low and you will be happy with the Nintendo offerings.

Shnazzyone1391d ago

I can't wait until E3 is over... we got another 2 months of time being wasted by made up garbage.

thehobbyist1391d ago

Yeah, seriously. Nintendo already said they are NOT revealing any new hardware at E3 this year.

3-4-51391d ago

* Health Based Device for doing home workouts with interactive Nintendo games that give you incentive to stay healthy.

* Like playing an RPG, but your character gets stronger when you get more fit.

cyclindk1391d ago

I like that second part, true-to-life game

Madock1391d ago

would love that actually, gr8 idea!

lizard812881390d ago

I was wondering if everybody forgot about
The Quality of Life thing Nintendo mentioned a while back.

brettnll1391d ago

Another 3DS SKU would be cool! 4DS lol

Activemessiah1391d ago

Super 3DS with 8 cores! calling it!

mikel10151391d ago

Nintendo 4DS, comes with a hole that dispenses powerful scents for the ultimate immersion! Also comes with 32 gigs of ram, 50 terabytes of storage and triple analogue sticks! Backwards compatible with every game on every console known to man. $0.99

brettnll1391d ago

that sounds likely! holding it to ya!

Concertoine1391d ago

I actually know a guy who works for mario that played with a protoype of the 4ds

Heisenburger1391d ago

Yeah.. My Uncle works for them.

;) jk!

Errefus1391d ago

would like to see new hardware new ds design

LonDonE1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Maybe its a new wii u system which is digital only no disk drive and has allot more internal storage, has a Ethernet port for better more stable internet connection and comes bundled with digital mario kart 8, and mario 3d world and has a pro controller bundled and a wii mote with the steering add on?

Who knows what it is, but people who think its the new nintendo console which is the successor to wii u are crazy! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.