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Submitted by DavePSU 573d ago | opinion piece

The Daily Five: Best Upcoming First-Person Shooters

"Early last week we put together a list of the best upcoming open world games that gamers can expect in 2014 and we figured we'd continue this week. So, for today's Daily Five, we're releasing our five, best upcoming first-person shooters that are expected to release this year. Of course, with first-person shooters being as large as they are, it's impossible to fit all of them on a list of five, but we nailed it down pretty well. If there are any other first-person shooters you're looking forward to this year, we'd love to hear about them in the comment sections below."-David Wales, Stealthy Box (Culture, PS4, Xbox One)

DefenderOfDoom2  +   573d ago
to the author , wow , where did u find out COD ADVANCED WARFARE is open world FPS ? I hope it is, but i doubt it! and new HALO FPS game coming out by the end of this year, i hope so. but again i doubt it!
DavePSU  +   572d ago
What are you talking about? Where does it say Advanced Warfare is open world?
LightDiego  +   573d ago
Can't wait for Destiny and Halo.
nucky64  +   573d ago
i'm not buying any of those...i'm getting wolfenstein in a couple of weeks.
DefenderOfDoom2  +   573d ago
to nucky64 So am i ! all the games on the list a still very far from being released!
nucky64  +   573d ago
man, wolfenstein looks crazy fun and violent. it'll also be my first ps4 game (besides resogun, which i really like too)
johny5  +   573d ago
First Person shooters are ok but I would like more Medieval Action Adventure games "and Rpg's "

I guess what I really want is a game in the same vein as Braveheart? Love that movie!
DefenderOfDoom2  +   573d ago
reply to nucky64 2nd bubble , first i am in envy ! because due to money problems i will not pick up my PS4 till the end of summer! but i can least play WOLFENSTEIN NO on my PSTHREE , so i am okay with that! Also did you pre order WOLFENSTEIN N.O. , because you get access to the new DOOM BETA with pre-order! and funny that you mentioned RESOGUN because that will be my first PS4 game i will play also, due to the fact, it looks a new a version of the classic ARCADE CABINET game called DEFENDER .which i was very good at the game back in the arcade in 1980-82 , DEFENDER was considered to the first hardcore video game! Although it did cost me about 40 dollars in quarters to get good it . I need me some RESOGUN!!!

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