Naughty Dog Making Better PS4 Exclusives, EA & Comcast Deal to Stream Games

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This week on 33rd episode of The Game Fanatics Show, we talk about Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us PS4 Remaster, and how the studio is using it not only to give gamers a true 1080p experience, but prepare themselves to develop better PS4 exclusives.

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Hazmat131415d ago

america is the worst for internet. i hope google fiber takes over the world so i can download my porn in 3 seconds.

slivery1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

What is really crazy is the forefathers who built this country never wanted it to end up the way it is now, even with how backwards they were at the time, they still knew very well how evil money could be and that it should not be everything nor control everything, hell some of them even warned us all that this would happen. That our freedom would be in jeopardy as people try to take more and more control of our lives.

I cannot stand companies like Comcast. Absolutely absurd how greedy some people can be, especially these companies who are basically running the world.. I mean for christ sakes, when you have a company that is making trillions of dollars, you would think that would be well enough to stop being greedy but apparently that is far from it.

What is even more sad is that they basically are just trying to insure their own future and not a future in general, things advance and they can't deal with it or want to change themselves, so they simply make sure that no one can advance. I mean if TV became obsolete, so be it but it's because of greedy bastards like this who can't come up with any new ideas with all the freaking money they have, that have keep holding us back instead..

Just like oil companies, electrical companies and pharmaceutical companies... It just doesn't stop. The idea that we still use gasoline to power things or that we still pay for electricity is insane.. but that is exactly what I am talking about.. Free energy was invented so many years ago it isn't even funny but of course they won't allow it because then there would be no need for those big companies old ass technology anymore..

Poor guys have to pack up the billions of dollars they have and live life without us... /s

Alright I gotta stop, this is making me livid just thinking about this stuff and how stupid society is, people just let these companies walk all over them and they are partly to blame as to why these companies continually keep taking advantage of everything we use.

What I would give to have a society that cares, like back in the day when people actually gave a shit about their future and making real changes. Not enough care in this time period to ever make a difference but I honestly don't think it matters anymore at all. It kills me to ever say such a thing but people have let it go on far too long now, to the point of no return. All you can do now is only expect it to get worse.

nosferatuzodd1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I couldn't have said it any better even with a loud speaker

Coach_McGuirk1415d ago

we need many, many more people to understand this and be upset about it. This will be our generation's war.

kingPoS1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

As an ISP, comcast itself seems to be allergic to active progress with fiber optics, or other smaller ISP's trying to grow in that area. It's like comcast's feet are made of lead, and it wants it's leadened pace to be a following example. Instead all they will eventually do is stagnant forward progress.

One immediate cost to consumers, if the deal with EA ever went through, would be an extra fee/s on top of the mirad of others. Just like how you now pay for OTA channels whether they're wanted or not.

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