7 Tips if You're a Poor Gamer

Ryan shares 7 of the cheapest and most basic tips on how to maintain your gaming addiction and being smart about what games you purchase.

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Agent_hitman1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Well for me STEAM PC gaming is a good choice.. And I'm proud of it. the games are more cheaper than any other platforms.

joel_c171482d ago

Steam and psn+ is all you need

speedforce1311482d ago

The tips that he wrote up are actually some great tips and I stand by them as a fellow poor man gamer. Fortunately I live in the US and it's not as bad as having to budget for a DLC but the 65 dollar games does take a toll the more they are released and closer together.

Being financially challenged forces you to be resourceful and get the games you want, brand new, and at the same time as everyone else. Sometimes it may not happen that way, but with a bit of patience you'll still get what you want.

bit-crusherrrr1482d ago

Ps+ is a great way to games, i'd been downloading the vita games to my ps3 and in march when i bought one i already had a great selection of games.

My tip for gaming on the cheap is make an amazon wish list, stick the games you want on that as its a good way of watching the price drop, so when it's in your price range you can snap it up.

nope1111482d ago

I'm a budget gamer. 70% of games i buy are price drops/sales.
Because of this i have a huge backlog lol.

And if i decide to purchase a $60 game i always pre-order as early as possible, and pay out monthly.

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The story is too old to be commented.