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7 Tips if You're a Poor Gamer

Ryan shares 7 of the cheapest and most basic tips on how to maintain your gaming addiction and being smart about what games you purchase. (Culture, Industry)

Agent_hitman  +   353d ago
Well for me STEAM PC gaming is a good choice.. And I'm proud of it. the games are more cheaper than any other platforms.
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joel_c17  +   353d ago
Steam and psn+ is all you need
speedforce131  +   353d ago
The tips that he wrote up are actually some great tips and I stand by them as a fellow poor man gamer. Fortunately I live in the US and it's not as bad as having to budget for a DLC but the 65 dollar games does take a toll the more they are released and closer together.

Being financially challenged forces you to be resourceful and get the games you want, brand new, and at the same time as everyone else. Sometimes it may not happen that way, but with a bit of patience you'll still get what you want.
bit-crusherrrr  +   353d ago
Ps+ is a great way to games, i'd been downloading the vita games to my ps3 and in march when i bought one i already had a great selection of games.

My tip for gaming on the cheap is make an amazon wish list, stick the games you want on that as its a good way of watching the price drop, so when it's in your price range you can snap it up.
nope111  +   353d ago
I'm a budget gamer. 70% of games i buy are price drops/sales.
Because of this i have a huge backlog lol.

And if i decide to purchase a $60 game i always pre-order as early as possible, and pay out monthly.
desertpunk86  +   353d ago
this is what i do for games.

buy new game,finish it,traded at gamestop for $30 sometimes they offer 40% more from your trade that gets me $42 that means i played a brand new game for $18 and get the next game for about $21 not bad if your trying to keep up with the latest.
The_KELRaTH  +   353d ago
Just a PC, a few great old game anthologies like Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 1942, Command & Conquer, RTCW/Enemy Territory, Quake etc :)

Then grab all the free maps and mods!!!
GoPanthers999  +   353d ago
Article is lacking. Catch deals like Target B2G1, Black Friday sales and TRU deals. Trade games less than a year old and shop your trade. Check Amazon, Ebay, Walmart Trade In, BB and GS if they run a plus 50% or +$10 trade. Don't get too attached to your games, or you will become a collector.
rivencleft  +   353d ago
That's a good list of ideas there, I started to become a collector there for a while until I realized I won't be replaying most of the games I was hoarding so I started trading in towards other games I wanted. The PS4 being the first ever game system I purchased ON release day (had every other system but usually years after) I started buying every game that's come out for it, including certain games (genres) I usually dislike, i.e. Need for Speed Rivals, COD Ghost, but I amassed a collection, played and beat them all and just decided though I have the funds most times to buy the new games without trading that it is pointless if I will not touch them again after I beat it.
No_Limit  +   353d ago
One word, Cheapa$$gamers.com . There you will find the best deals updated hourly for both new, used, and digital sales, deals, and clearance for all games.
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Clown_Syndr0me  +   353d ago
If yours in UK and a console gamer try boomerangrentals.co.uk for rentals.
The price is good and the service is brilliant, been using them for years and since moving out and having a child its been a necessity.
rivencleft  +   353d ago
Don't forget to check the bargain bins at Walmart, Best Buy, etc. because sometimes you can find some amazing deals there. I have Gamefly which is an awesome service if you have a shipping center near your house and being a year+ member you get 10% off used and digital purchases as well as $5 off coupon towards used games, which turns out to be a decent deal. Many people are going to disagree about this deal but I recently bought Xcom: The Bureau for $4.25 which is not bad being GameStop still wants $18 used for it. A lot of people love the game, a lot are saying they hate it, but at least if I wind up hating it I know I only spent $4 on it. So definitely shop around if you're on a budget, hell you can download a free UPC scanner on your phone and scan the game before you buy it just to see who's offering it cheaper. I usually use Amazon for games as well because most times they're way cheaper than anywhere else, for example the Devil May Cry HD Collection at GameStop was $30 new whereas Amazon had it for $12, definitely a damn good deal, and being a Prime member helps since I get free 2 Day Shipping on everything, $4 for one-day, so still if I wanted that game tomorrow it'd be $16 instead of GameStop's $30.

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