How Scary Is... 'Daylight?'

Taking a look at just what makes video games 'scary,' what horror games try to do and how successful they are at doing it. In the first episode, it's Zombie Studios' 'Daylight.'

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Community1505d ago
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Akuma2K1505d ago

The game isn't scary at all, seems like the developers tried to hard to make t scary but ended up making it boring instead. The game becomes very repetitive after about 30 to 45min of gameplay, it has a few jump scares but nothing like outlast.

JackOfAllBlades1505d ago

I mean yeah I'm more of a night person, but that,doesn't mean I find daylight "scary". Who would? Vampires? Gingers?

rivencleft1504d ago

Sir, gingers don't have a soul and therefore cannot be scared.

Clown_Syndr0me1505d ago

Loved Outlast and wanted to try this but comments and reviews look bad. Ill save my money I think!

Josh1011504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Buy the DLC for Outlast instead. Trust me. I ran around for a full hour without a single scary moment in Daylight..I regret the purchase immensely.

Clown_Syndr0me1504d ago

I literally just bought it, going to start it tonight. It will keep me going for a little longer but Im really craving horror games right now, but don't really know of any. Especially not on PS4 or X1.

KUV19771505d ago

If only they hadn't completely messed up the 3D-framerate I could live with its mediocrity.

8BitSoul1505d ago

I was really disappointed with this game. As a long time horror fan, I was really looking forward to playing Daylight. After beating Outlast a couple of times, I was hungry for more, but this game just didn't cut it for me. First of all, the game doesn't run very smoothly. It chugs a lot, has random drops in fps here and there, clipping issues, and lastly, but perhaps the thing that bothered me the most; TERRIBLE audio! The engineer who worked on this, really hasn't done a good job. The audio sounds out of place, and the reverb is all wrong, making it sound like you're in a claustrophobic submarine, when you're actually in a large hall. Not to mention the lines of dialogue that repeats over and over again whenever you hit certain "checkpoints". This game had a lot of potential, but ended up being a boring jump-scare-fest, and worst of all, the jump scares aren't even well done.

It's funny though, that a game running on Unreal Engine 4, manages to look worse than Outlast (which runs on UE3). So it isn't even a good tech demo of what UE4 can do. Unless you are absolutely out of games to play, stay away from this title!

SG1_dapunisherX1505d ago

how can rip off of outlast can be scary??

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The story is too old to be commented.