Video Games and Movies Now Have a Disturbing Similarity

The author notices that on the smaller-budget side, we've got risk-taking developers. While on the big-budget side, we've got publishers who can't afford to lose millions.

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SpiralTear1387d ago

Those enormous budgets are why the gaming industry is in such a bad state. You can sell a ton of copies of your game and earn critical acclaim across the board, and your company will still be very vulnerable to straight-up dissolving. We've lost a ton of talented development houses because of that.

Thank God for the indie scene. As the article said, those guys don't have astronomical budgets, so they can afford to be creative; much less is on line. They can tackle genres that AAA publishers consider obsolete and actually make them successful. With that creativity and ingenuity, it's why Valve, Sony, and Nintendo are scooping up indie devs for their digital download services. They know that indies are worthwhile, now more than ever.

It's pathetic where the AAA gaming circuit is going. Aside from a few exceptions in the first-party world, there's really nothing interesting coming out of it.