Nintendo Learning the Value of Marketing?

Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Welcome back to Vlogging About Video Games and yet another mildly uneventful week in video game noos!"

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randomass1711534d ago

Hate to be that guy, but she's really cute! :D More on topic, glad Nintendo's advertising is amping up for MK8. Also when the heck is Walking Dead S2 E3 coming out? These cliffhangers are killing me! D':>

cyguration1534d ago

"Hate to be that guy"...

You mean every guy on the planet that isn't gay?

randomass1711534d ago

No I mean that guy that starts off by saying something about the pretty girl in the video instead of the game news lol.

cyguration1534d ago

...Well, that's still every other guy on the planet that isn't gay. lol

randomass1711534d ago

Touche my good sir. Touche. :P

Baccra171534d ago

Nintendo learning something? That's a first.

wonderfulmonkeyman1534d ago

Yeah, because they've never corrected a single mistake they've ever made./eyeroll

DoggyBiscuit1534d ago

What I don't understand bout Nintendo is when it came to most of they consoles they did a great job marketing it but when it comes to the Wii u is like they don't know what to do, Nintendo I love you I grew up playing your games but ya need to get it together

SpiralTear1534d ago

I can't criticize much of Nintendo's marketing for the Wii U simply because there's been none to criticize, and that's really the problem. Hopefully Mario Kart 8 will get the marketing gears turning.