Dressed to Kill: Destiny’s Weapons and Armor

By Sid Shuman: "Last week, I shared my first PS4 hands-on experiences with Destiny, Bungie’s ambitious social shooter. In today’s new video, weapons, armor, and loot are squarely in the crosshairs as lead designer Lars Bakken and community manager David Dague walk us through Bungie’s plans for galactic domination."

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naBs1445d ago

The wait is killing me...

HexxedAvenger1445d ago

dude.... I'm already dead. Can't wait!!

Septic1445d ago

I know man....I really can't wait. This game is gonna be the game to finally bring all my mates together after a long time(albeit on different platforms, which sucks).

I'm building a cryostasis unit just for this using an ice tray, a couple of leaves, 3 Oreo biscuits, a vial of NewMonday's tears and some glue.

rivencleft1445d ago

After experiencing Borderlands for the first time with friends and such I think this game with be the same type of experience all over again except with amazing graphics and all sorts of other amazing things, cannot wait for this game, September is TOO FAR AWAY!!