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War of the Vikings is an interestingly timed game. Hot on the heels of History Channel’s Vikings TV series, with a couple of Ragnar Lodbrok references chucked in for good measure, there’s probably not a better time to release a video game centred on the tumultuous wars between the Norse and the Saxons. Of course, this isn’t really about those wars; this is simply a competitive multiplayer game in which the Viking theme is just a lick of paint over a game that was released two years ago. So yes, although developers FatShark and Paradox seem to ignore it, this is essentially a spiritual successor to War of the Roses which, lest we forget, really kicked off the increasingly popular medieval combat genre.

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urwifeminder1444d ago

Great game I really like the improvements over Roses , but I think chivalry is way more fun I would give it 7.5.