Why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s New Direction Is the Best Yet

CCC Says: "Ever since I first picked up a gamepad and began stalking my pray in the 1999 release of Alien vs. Predator on PC, I’ve been hooked on FPS. Over the years, I’d try out many different franchises from Halo to Battlefield. While each would bring a little something different to the table, my tastes always seem to lean towards those with a sci-fi flair. While I had played other Call of Duty’s in the past, Modern Warfare 3 from 2011 was the first that really introduced me to a more realistic, tactical-based multiplayer experience."

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Jayszen1600d ago

I generally agree with the author. I feel we ought to wait until the game is released before we decide whether we like it or not as Sledgehammer may well succeed in giving us a good game at least if not something completely new. I do wish that the Single player campaign is longer, much longer than the ones in the last 5 games and more in keeping with the duration of the campaigns in Call of Duty 1 & 2 released for PC and which were about WW2. In fact I wouldn't mind a return to that war as it certainly would be fresher than what we have had with Black Ops 2 and Ghosts which in my opinion were the two worst games in the Call of Duty series. The three best Call of Duty games have been the first two mentioned above and, of course, Modern Warfare which was simply a milestone. Can none of the developers working on any Call of Duty iteration come up with a game as good as these three? Remains to be seen but I hope Advanced Warfare is a step in the right direction.

nohopeinc1600d ago

The author is an idiot. He is grasping into thin air trying to reveal the "new direction". Nothing new about this. I loved CoD but the last 2 and now this one are just so typical of games today. Adding in future stuff and blah blah blah. CoD used to be about the nameless soldier, now everyone is a god damn SFASSS13F0XHOUNDAGENTSPECIALDE LTAFORCE.