Free Speech, Video Games, and Community Management

CCC Says: "If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you have heard of the story of Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeled Clippers, who chastised his girlfriend for, basically being seen in public associating with black people. This association, by the way, was a picture with Magic Johnson posted to the internet. To me, that is just awesome, but hey, old racism never dies. Long story short, Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for life and was fine $2.5 million dollars, a move that many people are looking at as just."

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Activemessiah1597d ago

Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence.

Pozzle1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

A lot of people seem to forget that having Freedom of Speech simply means a person can't be arrested or imprisoned for saying whatever they want (providing you aren't threatening someone's life, of course). It doesn't mean a person can say whatever they want without any consequences or backlash.

WhyHate1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Thanks you, I'm so tired of articles like this looking to give an excuse for bigots and racists everywhere summed up in a two thousand word or less opinion piece.

Just come out a say you don't like the fact that you can't say what ever foul hateful statements you like without backlash...

You even go so far as to put your poster boy in the headline image field.

Can you be anymore transparent?