Next Gen Deus Ex, Mass Effect 4, Uncharted Gameplay Trailer to be Revealed at E3 2014

Take this all with a grain of salt – because plans can and do change all the time – but if industry insider Ahsan Rasheed is to be believed, E3 2014 is going to be packed with tons of AAA reveals.

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SlapHappyJesus1564d ago

Yes, yes and yes. Please and thank you.
That said, of the three, Deus Ex tops the list for me.

HaydenJameSmith1564d ago

Same for me... MASS EFFECT 4!!!

gillri1564d ago

Yeah Mass Effect for me too, Bioware have created the most amazing universe in a game ever and I cant wait to explore more

Blacktric1564d ago

+1 for the Deus Ex Hype Train.

Aleithian1564d ago

Wow, I guess I missed the news we were getting a new Deus Ex. Guess I should finish up the last one then.

starchild1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

All three for me are going to leave me so excited. I love all three of those series. I hope they improve the graphics massively for the next Deus Ex. Human Revolution was an amazing game, but the graphics were a little disappointing. Hopefully the next Deus Ex will be competitive visually with other next gen games.

DOMination-1564d ago

I think I speak for all n4g working class heroes when I say: insider, my arse.

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XiSasukeUchiha1564d ago

Yes, yes (Uchiha Style)

Rinnegan: Almighty Push you fools, just to see this!

Septic1564d ago

Wtf are you on about?

LonDonE1564d ago

i lol so hard,i was thinking the exact same thing!

Delsin_Rowe1564d ago

He is fighting the ultimate battle with Madara who is might about get his eye from Obito.

Delsin_Rowe1564d ago

Why you have one bubble? Let me give you one.

WeAreLegion1564d ago

I'll take one of each, please?

4logpc1564d ago

Why are we still listening to insiders again??

I would be shocked if all 3 of these didn't show up considering we all know the exist.

smashman981564d ago

Because thuway is actually accurate and he's as specific as he can be for instance he says masse effects subtitle will have 7 letters in it while not a big deal it's small facts like this that help to confirm whether or not his vaguer tidbits were good guesses or actual intel

CorndogBurglar1564d ago

7 letters you say?

Mass Effect 4: Reapers

You play as a Reaper running amok in the Galaxy. It has space battle missions as well as ground missions where you crush buildings and shoot things with Laser Beams.

4logpc1564d ago

Wasnt Thuway the one who said that Cboat was right about Titanfall alpha textures being final?

And didn't he say the 360 version would be almost identical to the Xbox One version.

Both of which were dead wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.