Frank X. Shaw: "Microsoft remains committed to Xbox and the millions of Xbox fans around the world"

In response to Bill Gates' statements made early today, Frank X. Shaw, Lead Communications at Microsoft, has also added:

"Bill’s comments re Xbox reflected support of Satya as CEO. Also said committed to gaming x-plat with Xbox as key to gaming strategy"

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XiSasukeUchiha1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Please show us your dedication, not bark. At E3 bring us the games

JeffGUNZ1451d ago

Wait, isn't that what we all agreed on last E3 that the polices were poor but their game lineup was fantastic?

gaffyh1451d ago

Yeah. Their games lineup was great last year, but they were overshadowed by PS4's price and consumer friendly policies, and hence "lost" E3. However, I honestly think that MS showed TOO much last year. Think about, there are so many games which they announced last year, that clearly weren't ready, and are still not out.

Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, and the Black Tusk game, Quantum Break. I would bet that most of their show will be demonstrations of already announced games like this, Gears as well.

Transporter471451d ago


About the games, I like Quantum Break and Gears, i like halo but won't make me buy a One, only game that i will buy a One is for Gears and if they mess that up i won't get one. This E3 will be big for all three MS which wants to catch up to Sony, Sony showing off their new IPs to keep that lead, and Nintendo to show why it shouldn't be a console to miss this generation.

ArtificiallyYours1451d ago

Xi is just a toxic, unfunny cynical rear end. Much like his boring fantasy character.

christocolus1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

E3 will be good.

Great way to start a Monday -- reviewing our E3 plans with the #Xbox team building the show.

Phils comment a few hours ago.

mikeslemonade1451d ago


Don't expect much from Gears for X1. Gears on 360 was amazing for cover system and graphics. Neither of which will be bleeding edge when the next Gears come out. They basically need to hit a "home run" or it will be reduced mediocrity.

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DragonbornZ1451d ago

Your constant hate is really annoying.
Makin me hate Sasuke n shit....

Anyways, if it's anything like last year (minus the DRM) it'll be a good show.

LexHazard791451d ago

MS been stepping up big time on all things gaming, having you not been following Sasuke, or did you get your eye poked out?

DragonbornZ1450d ago

Haha, Madara musta took it.

k3rn3ll1451d ago

Yes how dare they answer questions on twitter when asked by fans. God all MS does is troll bragging about games. Smh

MonstaTruk1450d ago

Weird how things work out, huh?

The company that is up the financial creek is CLEARLY all in for the hardcore gamer, from Day One. And the company that makes BILLIONS every couple of months, and their fans have to beg & plea for them to stay in the video game market... :-/ Money first, I get it...but (from a console gamer's perspective) at what cost?

Everything CAN'T be for sale...

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Concertoine1451d ago

There'll always be debate in a big company like MS.
One thing's for sure, pulling out of the xbone before this gen is over and before they could make any money would be a dumb idea. If they're gonna ditch xbox, it would be in their best interest to wait until the end of the 8th generation.

choujij1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I beg to differ. I'm not saying they should or shouldn't. I'm just reasoning on logic here. They've been in the console race now for 14 years, and while they've posted modest profits, the division has yet to make up for it's losses. Perhaps they're prepared to stick it out another 14 years, I don't know.

What I do know, is if MS has decided that this is the last kick of the can (which I haven't really seen an indication of), then they would seriously need to weigh the pros and cons of sticking around to the end of the generation. They would need to estimate what their profits and losses would be over the next several years and ultimately decide whether they would benefit from sticking it out, or if it would be beneficial for them to pull out early like Sega did.

fr0sty1451d ago

When you lose 4 billion on Xbox, another billion on 360 with RROD, and only make back a tiny fraction of that in profits, it only makes sense to consider bailing out on it, especially when the new console isn't selling as well as they'd hoped it would.

Bill Gates is just using common business logic. They are losing money in gaming, and after 3 generations they still don't look to be able to repay that multi-billion dollar debt.

Concertoine1451d ago

Well they just put out the xbox one, the last thing they should do is backtrack on the enormous money put into its development. They need to make SOME of that back. Sega bailed early because they were financially incapable of sustaining without doing so.

MonstaTruk1450d ago

The Xbox Division has lost an estimated 11 billion dollars for Microsoft, since it came to market. Microsoft is an American based corp, meaning they use the philosophy of "I'll sell my mother on the street corner before I take a loss!" -type of business practices. If they show early that they'll come in at only about 50 million or so units sold lifetime, there's no way Microsoft will stay. For what? For...the gamers?! lol

Concertoine1450d ago

But they've already put out the system. Its too late to turn back. They invested, now they have to return something. I doubt they'll lose as much money as the xbox, and the loss on each system is a ton less than the 360 was. Even with less units sold the Xbone has more potential to turn a profit than either of the other systems.

Death1450d ago


Losses in business are not carried over from year to year. The annual losses early on in the Xbox lifecycle were written off against the companies profits each year. The losses reduced taxable income for the year and are left in the past. The only time these losses would be relevant is if the product continues to lose year after year. This is the reason Sony spun off their tv business to die and sold their PC divisions. The Xbox has been profitable for years now and add to the companies annual profit margin.

Honestly, the only ones tracking cumulative losses are the fans that hate the company/console. The irony is they are unable to track the losses Sony has incurred due to the Playstations losses over the last decade. Of the two consoles the Xbox has been more profitable and much longer relative to today.

malokevi1451d ago

This was the literal and obvious interpretation of Bills statement. Unconditional support for the new head. That much was obvious. It is well known that Xbox is an integral part of MS' plan for making headway in the living room space, and that they are pulling out all the stops to make it happen. People who interpret today's statement as evidence that MS will sell Xbox are thinking wishfully.

Death1451d ago

The statement was taken out of context. The kids on n4g see what they want to see, not what is in front of them. Somehow this was missed,

"But Gates said he didn’t foresee either Bing, the company’s search engine division, or Xbox, its gaming division, as potential stand-alone companies because they are part of Microsoft’s long-term strategy."

Immorals1451d ago

If fanboys had their way, Microsoft would pull the Xbox, Nintendo would go bust and Sony would be unopposed. Then they would complain when Sony don't put any effort into their console, and the whole business dries up..


kurruptor1451d ago

It isn't that big of a spin.

He shouldn't have said something so specific just to show that the new CEO has his "unconditional support". It was stupid of him to even bring up the possibility of selling off Xbox. That fact that it even came out of his mouth shows that it is something they are (or have) discussed.

Kingthrash3601451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


again i'm against anything about selling xbox, but why did bill of all people bring it up to begin had to be a subject of conversation in a meeting or meetings.
some will use it as flame bait but its not too big of a jump.

nicksetzer11451d ago

@kurruptor @kingtrash he didn't pick those things, he was asked if he would support dropping them. Would you prefer he not answer questions in an interview??

Kayant1451d ago

Seriously people need to watch the video words only tell one part of the story here. Xbox is being very carefully watched. When he was talking about bing he believed that to be an essential part of MS and something he felt should be tightly integrated with MS. However, when he was talking about gaming he did say the decision was up to Nadella but the way he answered it without thinking or remorse at the lose of Xbox division as a core of MS was pretty telling. That shows he's very much in support of it happening and doesn't feel like it's needed as an essential part of MS's business. Now that's not doom and gloom for the Xbox division but if they do get spin off but that war chest safety net is reduced a lot and if they continue to run they way they do now then they will be open for a buy out imo.

Death1450d ago


Mr. Gates has nothing to do with Microsoft's day to day operations since he stepped down as CEO years ago. You are looking into this way too much. Mr. Gates is focused on his philanthropy with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which he funds annually with the sales of his Microsoft stock. The only involvement he has with Microsoft is an advisory position where he can offer advise to the new CEO if he wants it.

If you think he is appathetic towards the Xbox, it's because he is focused on the foundation. http://www.gatesfoundation....

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Josh1011451d ago

Um, I swear I've seen this exact statement posted on another article within the last 6 months. Word for word.

JBSleek1451d ago

News outlets are sure good at taking statements and spinning them pretty loosely.

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