Our 5 Favorite Share Factory PS4 User-Made Videos

CraveOnline: "Sony released its first major update post-launch update for the PS4 in the form of Update 1.7. It introduced several key improvements to the PS4 experience, most notable of which is the introduction of Share Factory. In Share Factory users are able to edit and upload custom videos using a powerful set of video-editing tools and effects. Despite its young age, there are already some outstanding videos, funny and serious, all over the web."

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GarrusVakarian1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Oh man, that montage with Queen playing over it is so epic. I love how certain parts of the gameplay match the lyrics, "woah woah woah ohh explooode!". Haha.

ShareFactory is awesome. These videos put my efforts with it to shame.

Ron_Danger1388d ago

I loved the "I'm a sex machine" lyric timing up with Octodad!

XtraTrstrL1388d ago

ShareFactory is definitely awesome. I find myself scrolling over it alot, and want to use it, but I remember I have no new vid saves to edit. I hope they fix the issue with "Press square to save video" not showing up when you hit "share" button. Sometimes I notice I have to do the double tab share button to force-start the recording before the "save video" option is available. So, I've lost a few good vid save opportunities cuz of this glitch. I really hope they noticed it and get it in the 1.71 patch that's coming soon.

Speaking of the vid saves, I wonder if it's possible that somewhere in the future they could upgrade the algorithms and get it to where the saves can be 1080p rather than 720. It's still gorgeous, just wondering if that's something they'd be able to reach over time. Yeah though, these vids were perfect examples of how damn cool 'n easy SHAREfactory is to use. I expect to see even better stuff coming out soon, I hope they add more FX and transitions 'n stuff to SHAREfactory over time, and keep updating it.

Hk85karlsson1388d ago

Of course they will add more FX (and other stuff). It´s like where you choose the FX the dev team has added space for more to come already.

XtraTrstrL1388d ago

It seems they will, seeing how there's themes already, with Playroom and Infamous, I really hope so. I do love how smooth the program runs, Sony Vegas team really did well. When you choose a vid, it loads the editor real quick, and when you're done and do the final render, it is pretty damn quick. It's slighty over 1 minute to render 1 minute of vid. That is very good, a 10 minute vid render only takes like less than 12 minutes. Top quality app all around though.

Bugz1388d ago

Ps4s share factory is like sony vegas compared to the xbox one upload studio...

starting to wish i didnt stick by microsoft

GarrusVakarian1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Then just get a PS4 too? Even if it means saving for weeks/months. Then you'll have the best of both worlds.

Bugz1387d ago

I could easily just buy myself one now... i make enough money XD, i just cant be bothered with having two consoles :( easier to buy games for just the one

Akuma2K1388d ago

I love the metal gear batman and gilligan creed vids, to funny.

Kiddcarter1388d ago

I want sony to add a upload feature to sharefactory, where I can upload my videos and anyone using sharefactory can see them, and rate or comment on them.....In other words sony should look to turn sharefactory into a ps4 version of youtube

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