Trials Fusion Review (ITF Gaming)

Jonathan Bester from ITF Gaming writes: So you fancy yourself a Motocross enthusiast? If so, then you have surely heard about the fantastic arcade titles in the Trials series. Formerly a PC stalwart, the games in the Trials series have only gone from strength to strength, until it finally hit the console market in August of 2009 with the fantastic Trials HD. The Xbox Live Arcade market was blown away with its balsy, in your face action. At E3 2011, the announcement of Trials Evolution was met with equal fervour, and when the game was finally released in April 2012, fans everywhere rejoiced when Evolution improved on its predecessor.

Fast forward 2 years, and we now have a new generation of consoles, and along with it a brand new Trials game in the form of Trials Fusion. However, can Trials Fusion improve where its predecessors left off? Or will it crash out and leave behind the charred remains of what was once a spectacular video game? Let’s find out!

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rivencleft1415d ago

Still haven't had the opportunity to play this yet, usually not into motorcross type games but I think this one may be fun, looks like a better graphics joe danger, have it in my gamefly queue so hope to try it out soon.