Nintendo Achieved Full HD at 60 FPS for Mario Kart 8, Even during Two-Player Split-Screen

Nintendo's finally starting to crack into the Wii U's custom hardware.

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Neonridr1681d ago

Great news, glad to hear that it will run that fluid even when I have a second player along for the ride.

GarrusVakarian1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Damn, Rainbow Road would look so nice in 1080p @ 60fps.

I'm jelly.

*Looks at WiiU prices on Ebay*

Haha, this is so weird, i haven't been a Nintendo fan for so long, but i really wanna play Mario kart 8, the tracks and the visuals look amazing.

Vegamyster1681d ago

Good time to get one with the MK8 free game deal.

WalterWJR1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

wii u with mario kart and free game bundle at tesco £199.

I just bought my first Nintendo console since the game cube (3DS) currently playing the latest Zelda and having the most fun I have had in ages!

Thisisjuju1681d ago

@Walterwjr. I have also gone for this same deal, at the sub 200 price point (if only just) bundled with 2 games I finally cracked.

Can't wait get to get some Mk8 split screen on the go!

3-4-51681d ago

Best Track list I've ever seen in any racing game to be honest.

Or at least the most appealing to look at.

AliTheSnake11681d ago

"Achieved" . How is 60 fps an Achievement ?
Any game can be 60 fps by lowering the graphics details on it.

Kinger89381680d ago

I couldnt resist now, was £200 for the mk8 bundle which would then also grant a free game download so was a no brainer for me! Like you i havent had a nintendo home console for some time but im going to pick up windwaker as my free game (favourite zelda game to me) and buy super mario 3d world.

That will keep me going while theres nothing of interest coming to my ps4 in the near future

TotalSynthesisX1680d ago

Hit me up if you get one man. You seem to be one of the few intelligent people left on this site. I'd love to race ya.

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afterMoth1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Thank god those Neogaf "insiders" confirmed the Wii U to be the lead platform. What would we know without them?

Magicite1681d ago

for such an underpowered console that really is an achievement

Qrphe1681d ago

60fps is a design choice. PS1 did 60fps

nypifisel1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

That's not at all how it works, it depends on pixel size. Pretty much any console could run a game in 1080p 60fps, assets quality would suffer however depending on the hardware. Mario got a very unique artstyle which doesn't demand very advanced textures or models though, which works just great for that kind of game

Irishguy951680d ago

Not true, it's just you Xone and Ps4 gamers have your priorities mixed up. FPS > Graphics

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TruthInsider 1680d ago

Calm down, they are using "Microsoft 1080p" ie. Upscaled to 1080p!

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4logpc1681d ago

Pretty pumped to play this game.

XiSasukeUchiha1681d ago

Damn Nintendo! That's surprising right here!

Horny1681d ago

Can't Wait to pick this up.

thezeldadoth1681d ago

look at that sad disagreer going through the comments, trying to help his butthurt