Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – 70 Hours In

One month ago I did a retrospective on Final Fantasy X, one of my favorite games of all time. I felt that with the re-release of such an iconic game that it deserved attention and I, like many other fans of the game, could not wait to get my hands on this version and revisit the world of Spira that had taken so much of time over 10 years ago.

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Hellsvacancy1478d ago

I was LOVING it............but then stopped playing it once I got the airship, I've captured nearly all the fiends but the battle music every 5 seconds sent me crazy, I went back to DS2

Once i've platinumed DS2 (which will be today) and finished the Left Behind dlc for TLOU I shall go back and finish off FFX, doubt i'll get that platinum, too much work

Hellsvacancy1478d ago

Awesome, I missed one of Al Bhed books, i'll have to start a new game and playthrough most of it again to get that trophy, otherwise I would of gone for the plat on my first playthrough

youndamie1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I just finished X with 80hrs, I got every trophy besides the lightning dodger and all celestial weapons. It's not worth breaking another controller lol

yellowgerbil1478d ago

I finally beat ff10 last night at 4am. Never been a fan of grinding, so never finished it my first 3 plays a decade ago. Now time to do 10_2

Transporter471478d ago

70 hours.. get on my level 150 hours here.

jjonez181478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

176 and counting :) (I've put in even more than that on the ps2 version,but ukno trophies)
Currently stat maxing and getting all items.
When it comes to final fantasy games, I'm obsessive.

After I'm done with this save I'll probably go back and do a NSG or NSGNS run.

Transporter471477d ago

Nice. MY PS2 FFX was at 210 hours. I'm probably might reach that again depending on how long it takes me to plantium it. I got a few ones left i'm leaving the dodge lightning as the last one lol

aLucidMind1478d ago

I had to stop at Evrae >_< My highest leveled character was Tidus, who had just gotten Slow. No saves prior, so every time it casts Haste on itself I am pretty much dead. Pisses me off because I remember my last playthrough a few years back, I decimated him and I did nothing different.

SoulSercher6201478d ago

Are you talking about the flying one? If so you will have to use Haste on your party and VERY early. And time when to move the ship back and forth before certain attacks. It's how I beat it on the PS2 and PS3 version.

aLucidMind1477d ago

Yep, and that's the first thing I do every time. Every time it roared (taking its breath), I usually wound up backing off before it's next turn. My problem is it constantly wound up using its Swooping Scythe attack to close in and then petrifies my last guy.

Nope, don't have Chocobo Wings.

McScroggz1478d ago

Do you have a Chocobo Wing to cast Haste on the entire party? It's easy to neglect items, but one or two early on in the battle can be the difference between getting utterly destroyed and beating it relatively painlessly.

SoulSercher6201476d ago

Hmm if it helps any I made sure most or all my characters could use Overdrive before the fight and so can all my aeons. I make sure to always be able to fall back on those in a tight spot. It made my PS3 run soooo much easier.

Other things that may help:

-Slow DOES work on him until he uses Haste
-Believe it or not, it's actually safer fighting far away. Use Wakka's attacks and Lulu's magic (given their attacks are pretty powerful). Then only fight close when necessary
-Power Break works on him to soften physical attacks
-Al Bhed Potions are VERY helpful because it heals AND cures Poison, Silence, and Petrification

I hope any of this helps :)

user56695101478d ago

Why make a remastered of this and not remake earlier ff games startin with the 1st. I would gladly pay for a remake for ff1 and up using today tech. Ff1-8 with ff 13 and 15 gfx. But that sound like something we want. SE only give us half of what we want

porkChop1478d ago

A remaster is far faster than a remake. And older FF games were 2D, a remaster would not be enough.

user56695101478d ago

I hate remasters it no point and doing it. I want a remake of the 2d version in 3d. I loves the old ff games

aLucidMind1477d ago

Main reason for it is because remastering, say, FF7 into HD is will make it look ugly and so a remake is the only option. I've played FFX on my 1080p HDTV and it looks like crap, which is why many wanted a remastered version and why many HD collections are made.

This might put a fire under their ass to do a remake, however. Isn't this remaster selling fairly well better than any of the FF13s, or several of SE's games with few exceptions? Either way, I do agree. I would love a full remake of 7-9, but I personally would want them to stick with silent characters.

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