ESA Survey Reveals Average Gamer Age

A recent report from the Entertainment Software Association revealed that the average age of someone who plays games is 31 years old. In fact, more gamers are over the age of 36 than between the ages of 18 to 35 or under the age of 18.

It's somewhat refreshing to see many of the age-old stereotypes debunked, regarding both the age and genders of gamers in 2014.

There is no longer a stereotypical game-player. Most people have a job, relationship and responsibilities, and fit time in for a game around that, whether it takes us four hours or four weeks. But none of us fit into one nice easy-fix box, suitable for marketers.

The report contains a fascinating amount of data, providing essential reading for anyone with a genuine interest in games industry. For instance, this is the first time digital game downloads now represent 53 percent of software revenue.

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Palitera1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Tag: Deep Down. Dafuq?

On topic, I really hope this kind of research gets into the devs' minds.

WeAreLegion1564d ago

The survey was significantly altered after Jesus took it.

modesign1564d ago

someone show nintendo this, maybe they will take the hint.

cyguration1564d ago

That there will always be young kids and families who enjoy games?

porkChop1564d ago

That would be nice. I don't mind Nintendo making games that are accessible to everyone, but every now and then I'd like to see them try a proper 1st party mature game for adults.

cyguration1564d ago

They had second-party games like Mad World, but it didn't too well.

Manhunt 2 was also released for the Wii, but it also didn't do too well.

voodoochild3461564d ago

How many kids and young adults take surveys? The majority of people who take surveys of any sort are older people. Not saying this survey is too far off but I believe the real life averages are closer to 25-26. Also a 13 year old can't go to a store and buy cod on his own but that doesn't mean there aren't slot of kids on call of duty(as well all know). The parents of those kids buy their kids those games don't necessarily PLAY them.

jaymacx1564d ago

Gaming is an expensive hobby /habit . It is no surprise the average age is 31. Adults definitely buy the most games ..... Kids get games from parents and adults usually fill out surveys

Anon19741564d ago

It actually used to be much older than this. For years, the average gamer age seemed to be lockstep with however old I was (I'm 40 now) and then, suddenly, it dropped down sharply. Turns out they weren't counting people who used their mobile phones for gaming in their calculations. Once they factored in mobile phone gaming, that dropped the average considerably.

cyguration1564d ago

Shouldn't this be an article? Why is it labeled as an opinion piece if it's based on researched survey data?

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