Daylight Review - VGU

Find out what we thought of Daylight, the new Survival Horror game from Zombie Studios.

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kyon1471534d ago

I look forward to playing this love horror games and the last good one was Outlast.

Neonridr1534d ago

Just remember that this game will probably end up being considerably shorter than Outlast.

Reviews are all over the board, but they generally have been trending towards average at best.

I bought it since I am a horror junkie and since it was only $9.99. I haven't given it a go yet, but will give it a fair chance to entertain me.

SlapHappyJesus1534d ago

I reviewed it for Duuro. Gave it a 5/10 and can assure you that any review saying it took any more than an hour and a half to complete, well, I really don't know how that is.
Took me no more than an hour to complete.

Neonridr1534d ago

@SlapHappyJesus - yeah, I have heard it is short. I believe the only reason why the guy at IGN said it took him 3 hours was because he spent like 2 hours wandering around clueless about what to do next.

rivencleft1533d ago

Hmmm, was thinking about picking this up but after reading it was around an hour, don't think I will, still feel that $10+ dollars for an hour of entertainment (game-wise) is too much, hence why I haven't played MGS Ground Zeroes as of yet, glorified expensive demo no matter how you look at it. Still haven't touched Outlast though, been sitting on my PS4 just staring at me.