The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review: Again, Almost Amazing | For the Love of Gaming

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 adds some good things to the game play, but also adds some new mechanics that hold back the experience.

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Dudebro901599d ago

That is probably the first fair review I have read for this game.

4logpc1599d ago

Thanks for the feedback.

Wedge191599d ago

Curious what constitutes "fair"? Isn't anybodies opinion "fair"?

Dudebro901599d ago

Most reviews are calling out things about the game that just isnt true. Saying things like the swinging is broken is just false.

Baka-akaB1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Then again maybe the game doesnt deserve to be treated fairly .

You'd think after so many Spider-Man from the same studios , they'd get better at this , and not just deliver an ok or mediocre game so regularly

NBT911599d ago

If it means anything, I bought this pretty much based on Spider-Man being my favourite super hero and I really enjoyed it.
It's much better than the first ASM game. Granted, there are things I definitely thought could have been done better but I loved the new swinging mechanics and I really don't get why reviewers are criticizing that when there's other stuff that genuinely does hold the game back.

I did have to reset once because I got stuck on some scenery though, boo!

diesoft1599d ago

Can anybody tell me why any open world spiderman always has to stay within the same island? Every spiderman that comes out they tend to put him in the same space. I get that's where he's from or whatever but it just seems like a missed opportunity to mix it up. I enjoyed shattered dimensions quite a bit but was disappointed by the linearity of it.

Beenox, (or whoever develops spiderman games in the future): we NEED a spiderman arkham. Something BETTER than tweaking the same spiderman formula. He's popular enough to deserve better than mediocrity!

Baka-akaB1598d ago

Part of the issue is that Beenox is unlikely to ever rise from mediocrity .

Hell even High Moon studios seems held back by activision's politics