9 GameCube games we want to see on Wii U immediately

WiiUDaily: "A list of the top 9 games Nintendo must make for the Wii U immediately".

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Neonridr1266d ago

Rogue Squadron, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil: Remake, F-Zero GX

Rearden1266d ago

Rogue Squadron for sure. Although it likely won't happen, as EA now owns all Star Wars rights.

randomass1711266d ago

Correction, Disney owns Star Wars. EA just has the rights to make new Star Wars games.

thezeldadoth1266d ago

^ were on a gaming board, talking about games. hopefully you can infer his meaning without being a douche

3-4-51266d ago

Add to that:

* Time Splitters 2
* Tales of Symphonia
* Skies of Arcadia
* Gladius
* Megaman X Collection
* Bomberman

overlordror1266d ago

Good selection of games there, would love to see most of them.

trywizardo1266d ago

a sequel or game like "pokemon XD: gale of darkness"

Moonman1266d ago

I want Super Mario Sunshine HD so bad. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the water will be gorgeous re-mastered in 1080p. :)

Hopefully Nintendo has a team working on these re-masters as we speak.

Geobros1266d ago

Why Starfox Adventure in that list? A very bad Zelda clone by rareware....

I would add a Pikmin here or Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Kevlar0091266d ago

Other than the fact Star Fox didn't really fit I thought it was a fun, well made game. Diverse environments, great water effects, some good puzzles, good music. It certainly faltered, but it had decent reviews and would look amazing in current day graphics.

It could also use the gamepad well. Other than inventory and map, you could use the gamepad for the on-rails shooting segments and for some of the puzzles, maybe even in added features.

Fixay1266d ago

Star Fox was awesome! I'd love this game

TheROsingleB1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Star Fox Assault should be on the list over Adventure. Way better game, mainly because several of the levels had you piloting your Arwing, as you should be.
Star Fox belongs in the sky!

lizard812881265d ago

Plus they could add online too.

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The story is too old to be commented.