Why Pay More for Less? Xbox One

Is buying an Xbox One really paying more for less of a console?

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lifeisgamesok1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Playing the games you wanna play on a games console isn't "for less"

malokevi1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I was simply going to say "Halo 5", but your thing works too. #1bubz4lyfe

Less powerful hardware? It would appear so. Less software/features? Doesn't seem that way. Lesser games? I would say no. There are more ways to quantify the purchase than processing power.

Kingthrash3601604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

while i will not judge ANYONE for buying something they want...i do hate when facts are ignored.
fact and opinion has always been why this "war" is so overblown and yet so dumb.
the fact of the matter is if xbox wasn't so costly and yet underpowered it would have sold more...period.
paying more for less isn't a great way to spend but to each his own. spend if thats what you want to do with your money. but at least state facts about your choice and not opinions or guesses.

"lesser games? i would say no"
but in fact it has lesser games...why would you say no?
"There are more ways to quantify the purchase than processing power"
then please state them...smh make it a real comment that we can conversate on ...not just "Doesnt seem that way" or "i would say no" or "it would appear so"
such passive statements mean you arent sure what you have bought..or even know how many games are available for your system.

UltimateMaster1604d ago

Did anyone really listen to what he said?
He meant him personally. Not everyone.
He also said the same thing could be achieved with the PS4. So I don't know what facts he ignored.
You can read my post below.

Neonridr1604d ago

@King - The PSP was more powerful than the DS. Was the PSP better? The Vita is more powerful than the 3DS, is it better?

It's all subjective based on who you talk to. Yes, the PS4 is more powerful, nobody denies that. But if the exclusive games that show up on the Xbox One are games that cater to you, then you would be an idiot to go out and buy the other console just because you can get a bit higher framerate or a slightly better resolution.

AC4 is still AC4, even at 900p. The fact that one version is 1080p doesn't mean the game is any more FUN. I think that is what most Sony fanboys forget. The core games are still exactly the same, so who cares. If person A is happy enough playing in 900p or only at 30fps, who cares? Should that bother you that much? Who are you to tell them that they are wrong?

It's funny because PC gamers all play their games at different screen resolutions or framerates, and you don't see them making fun of each other...

Kingthrash3601604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

which costed more psp or ds? vita or 3ds?

psp and psv are more exspensive and more powerful than ds/3ds...tell me, if psv costed as much as a 3ds and 3ds costed as much as psv...which would sell more????
because thats the ps4 vs x1 predicament. ps4 more powerful but cheaper than x1..dear god just look at the sales numbers...BY MILLIONS the ps4 is out pacing the x1 >>FACT<< not opinion. why do you think it sold more?
games? price? location? power? fanboy loyalty? hype? features? "fun"?

its like you ignored the whole point of PAYING MORE FOR LESS

Negative771603d ago

I love how you people say "less powerful" like it's comparing a Ferrari with a Hyundai. It's really like Mercedes vs BMW.

XB1 is "less powerful", sure, but not by too much. So let the horse be. You beat it dead a long time ago. It's not even worth discussing anymore.

ZombieDust1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

King just stop. Opinion, everyone has one.
If I bought a ps4 instead even though I prefer xboxs exclusives more and have tons more internet friends and real friends that have xbox, wouldn't that be kind of stupid? Wouldnt xbox be the better choice for me? The ps4 is a bit more powerful, not enough to bother me. And as much as you may, I personally dont give a crap about who is winning the war. Even if xboz were winning it still wouldnt get me all hard.

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ic3fir31603d ago

i pay more for cheaper games, I can share games, live gold and DLCs with 1 friend.
Can I buy games with my friend, so is half the price, and we can play simultaneously shared the same game, and co-op and online multiplayer.
This indeed is a killer app that few know, and it's cool.
I got 6 games for free, thanks my friend, and my friend 3 games thanks to me.
And we buy together, a new game is only 30 Dollars each, live gold 1 year 17dollars

UltimateMaster1604d ago

You can save a lot of money going with Consoles, or even Amazon Fire TV.
The PS3 and Xbox consoles have pretty much the same apps.
The only little problem with the Xbox One is that the media features aren't free.
Which is nothing when you are a hardcore gamer, but for everyone else who just wants the Media features and have all the voice commands. They might as well go with the Amazon Fire TV, which does exactly that (with much more media apps than the consoles).
The full price of Xbox Live is 60$/year.
You can get the Fire TV for free in 2 years while having 20$ credit to spend on Movies or Games, without the 500$ price tag.
If you're not using it for gaming, it's a waste, it's not recommended.
However, if you do game, then a console would be best suited for you.
And consoles (PS3/PS4/X1) can play Blu-Ray Disc media something that the Amazon Fire TV can't.

DiRtY1604d ago

"If you're not using it for gaming, it's a waste, it's not recommended"

If you use the Amazon Fire TV for gaming, it is a waste, too.

I picked the Xbox One, because

a) I love Xbox Live and no matter what you guys say, it is the best online network out there and yes, I have played them all.

b) Halo will be on it. Nuff said.

c) I like Kinect. This might be a shocker for some of you, but I really do. Kinect Sports, Dance Central, Kinect Adventures and now Xbox fitness are fun and I can enjoy this with my girl. She is not into Halo and Gears of war :-)

Those are just the main reasons, other things like 3rd and 1st party support, Fable or cloud support did not hurt either.

I don't think Amazon will get a decent share of the gaming market. They will get decent sales, but not from the gaming crowd.

sinspirit1603d ago

a) Don't even try to claim it has the best online network, when it factually doesn't. Maybe you enjoy it more but it's been behind PSN for online gaming on dedicated servers for years. Not to mention the PC doing all of that for free for years before. That and the fact that Microsoft starts a hype campaign beyond belief for what Sony and various developers have been doing for years on PC and PS3. Manipulating the uninformed.

b) Halo is washed out, the fourth is terribly written, is a forced Michael Bay-like sequel, and anything that is good about it is found in the previous games so there is no reason to buy the new one. If you like Halo then I don't see why you would like the fourth one and be excited for the next ones. Fable and Gears are getting the forced sequel treatment. It seems to me that most developers are like "Hey! I have a great idea for a sequel!" but, Microsoft tells their developers "Hey! Make up some ideas because we're making a sequel no matter what!".

c) Good for you.

I understand the opinion side of things. But, you made a broader claim than that.

Fred_C_Dobbs1603d ago

i believe the voice commands on amazon fire only work for the amazon prime video service
they dont work for netflix, you still have to use the controller and enter text

iamnsuperman1604d ago

I think it really should be the way I did it saved me money with my Xbox One because the counter arguments made are not really relatable to the actual question.

XiSasukeUchiha1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Like the Uchiha, a console based on opinions and what game you perferred for anyone who doesn't like it. Amaterasu!

corvusmd1604d ago

Because it's not less. It's already been worth every penny, just play games...realize how spoiled we gamers are right now.

IrishSt0ner1603d ago

If you add the price of both consoles, with the comparable PS Eye, the X1 package is cheaper...

Then there's the 'massive' performance difference, oh wait you can build a better PC for the same cost, where does this leave us?

Nowhere as with all these articles.

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