The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1 - All That Remains Review | VGU

With the upcoming release of The Walking Dead - Episode 3 looming over us, VGU take a look back over the first entry of the season. Does it set the story up for success or get things off to a bad start?

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kyon1471392d ago

This is still a game I really need to play. Just have not had the chance to yet! Might wait for all the episodes and do it all in one go.

amywelshcastle1392d ago

That's what I did with season one. The wait makes things much more painful this time around...

Doogle3001392d ago

I find with these episodic releases it is more beneficial to wait until they all come out. Nothing worse than waiting on those horrible cliff hangars for a month or two.

That being said, TellTale are masters of this craft and the temptation to play is mighty strong.

CaptainTrilby1392d ago

I'd agree, I usually wait for all of the episodes to come out before binging on the whole series.

Hopefully, Telltale keep up the stellar work they did on the first season and that this season is as interesting/heart wrenching.