Sunset Overdrive's world, energy drink detailed on teaser site

Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games provided a glimpse into the Xbox One-exclusive open-world action title today with a website for OverCharge Delirium XT, an energy drink that exists in the game's universe.

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ValKilmer1389d ago

This game looks so awesome. I'm glad to see they aren't taking it too seriously.

LogicLee1389d ago

It definitely looks like they had a lot of fun here. That drink website is pretty funny.

joab7771388d ago

It looks a lot like what FUSE looked like before they changed it.

Now, I am not a conspiracy theorist (well, maybe) but this is a MS exclusive right? The turncoat traitors at Insomniacs got nothing but positive feedback for early trailers for FUSE. Then they go and change it and everyone wonders why one of the most imaginative company's out there decided to make a very generic looking and playing game.

Could it be that someone offered them some incentive to scrap those ideas and save them for a later date on a shiny new console? Anyway, yeah it looks awesome...and while I have both machines and dont care what system what game is on, theres something about Insomniacs making this game for MS that doesnt sit right. Imagine if Bungie decided to make Destiny a PS4 exclusive game (not content...the entire thing)? What would xbox fans think of Bungie even if they owned a a PS4?

Bennibop1388d ago

The quality of Insomniac games has dropped over the years so will wait until reviews before getting to excited about it.

shivvy241388d ago

one of their biggest mistakes imo is going 30fps on ratchet and clank ! you can easily pick up and tell that the gameplay is just choppy and even breaking boxes wasnt fun

Deadpool1011388d ago

I doubt we can blame the awful change in the direction FUSE went on MS. If anything MS would have wanted FUSE to have been a success if they new Insomniac were gooing to be making an exclusive title for them. I know plenty of folks, myself included, that are wary of Sunset Overdrive because of how badly FUSE turned out.

coolbeans1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

WTF are you talking about? The team's been adamant about FUSE's changes being a result of an over-reliance on focus groups during development, not someone behind the curtain conspiratorial deal MS made so the ideas could be scrapped (as if somehow original Overstrike and Sunset Overdrive couldn't exist together without that happening for some reason). Ted Price even said that "Fuse is actually the least changed of all of our IPs."

"Imagine if Bungie decided to make Destiny a PS4 exclusive game (not content...the entire thing)? What would xbox fans think of Bungie even if they owned a a PS4?"

I can't claim to speak for all xbox fans, but the rational ones would realize there's not much to fuss about. Given that Bungie's history shows MS made a great, decisive business deal swooping under Apple's noses to get them to be temporarily under MS' family, there's really no cause for complaint if another publisher does something similar.

XiSasukeUchiha1388d ago

Oh ok, please don't be Titanfall, oh no it's Insomniac games so nvm.

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